“Jump” and “Cook” are two new video commercials from Apple


Two more videos from Apple to promote their products: this time it is Airpods Pro and iPhone.

“Jump” is the name of a new commercial visible on Apple’s YouTube channel and which highlights the active noise cancellation and Transparency mode of the Airpods Pro. Apple has also released a commercial dedicated to the iPhone and titled “Cook”.

In the first spot, a man wearing AirPods Pro jumps with makeshift ropes in various parts of a city; the song that you hear in the commercial is “Fallin’ Apart” by Young Franco and the tagline (the sentence that closes the announcement) is “Turn the world into your playground with AirPods Pro” (more or less “transform the world into your playground with AirPods”).

A different new commercial from Apple is instead dedicated to advertising the resistance and impermeability of the iPhone 12, and the greater resistance of the sturdy glass of the display (“Ceramic Shield”).


This spot is called “Cook”: it has nothing to do with the CEO of Apple but shows what looks like an improvised cook who uses the phone to read a recipe and during the preparation to the rhythm of the song “Salsa” by Naïka it happens everything: the iPhone 12 ends up on the ground, is smeared with flour, eggs, and milk, is hit with a pepper grinder and finally washed by running water from the tap. The tagline, in this case, is “More durable than ever” and “Relax, it’s iPhone”.

To return to AirPods, rumors of the last few days report the arrival within this month of the AirPods 3, earphones that should be similar to the current ones but with narrower “stems” and slightly smaller charging cases. In the future, a new version of the AirPods Pro should also arrive but there are still no rumors about the possible presentation dates and the recent release of the new commercial removes the possibility that they will arrive in the short term.


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