Join Jumia to fight against Breast Cancer just by downloading the Jumia app

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Click Against Cancer

Help stamp out the trend of late diagnosis of breast cancer across Nigeria in 2 easy steps NOW!

This was the message delivered to my e-mail by Jumia Nigeria this afternoon. I was surprised when I saw the heading because it was something unusual from an online e-commerce store; the heading read “Let’s Fight Breast Cancer Together! Here’s How”. The usual headings and titles that accompany Jumia’s emails are things like “These are the best deals of today”, “You can’t miss these huge discounts”, etc, so you can imagine my surprise.

Being who I am, I dug further to find out more about this, and I found this article on Jumia’s blog which says that Jumia had recently joined Nigerian cancer awareness advocacy group, Project Pink Blue to fight against late diagnosis of cancer and low cancer awareness as one of the sponsors of the annual Walk, Race & Cycle Against Cancer.

Jumia ‘Click Against Cancer’

The campaign launched by Jumia in the cancer awareness sphere is called Click against Cancer, and it is designed for regular internet users like me and you to really click against cancer.


All you have to do is summarised into two easy steps, listed as follows:

  • download-jumia-appStep 1: Simply download the Jumia APP for either Android or Apple smartphones from the Google Play Store and iOS App Store respectively. The download links are found below.




App Store Link iOS

Google Play Store link Android





  • donate-to-project-pinkblueStep 2: For every download, Jumia Nigeria will donate 200 naira to Project PinkBlue.






That’s all. You download the app for free, and you are helping to save the lives of millions around the country.

For those that have the app already, you can simply uninstall and re-install it from the app stores; it doesn’t cost you much and the end result is greater than the suffering :/ you have to go through.

If you’re not yet convinced that you should join the Click Against Cancer campaign, here are some facts about breast cancer:

woman-with-cancer women-with-cancer

  • 85% of breast cancers occur in women with no family history of such.
  • Yearly mammograms in women above 50 reduce the risk of developing breast cancer by about 25%.
  • According to American Cancer Society, breast cancer accounts for 29% of all newly diagnosed cancers.

Join Jumia and Project PinkBlue in the fight against cancer.

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