Jide Remix Pro – an interesting 12-inch tablet running Remix OS


Jide Technologies, the Chinese company known for its PC-focused reinterpretation of Android, just made a slew of big announcements.

The highlight of the day is Remix Pro, the first Jide device to run the Marshmallow-based Remix OS 3.0, but the company also revealed additional configurations of the AOC All-in-One PC, a limited edition laptop developed together with Asus, as well as the recruiting of Android-x86 founder Chih-Wei Huang.

The Remix Pro follows on the Remix Mini PC and the Remix tablet, which both saw successful launches on Kickstarter. The Remix Pro takes things up a notch, with solid specifications and a dockable keyboard that turns it into a respectable looking laptop.

The Jide Remix Pro is powered by Snapdragon 652 processor (Adreno 510 GPU), a SoC that we’ve seen in several upper mid-range smartphones that came out this year. You get 3GB of RAM, 32GB of internal storage, and the option to add a lot more through the microSD card slot.

The display is a 12-inch IPS LCD of 2160 x 1440 resolution, and you get a 5MP camera up front and an 8MP one on the rear. The 9,000 mAh battery supports quick charge, but Jide did not specify what we can expect in terms of actual charging speeds.

The whole package (6.9 mm thick, 640 grams) looks rather appealing, thanks to the metallic construction and clean lines. Pogo pins on the bottom edge of the device let you connect a well-proportioned keyboard, also made of metal. Working with the folding cover, the accessory turns the Remix Pro into a productivity machine not too dissimilar to Microsoft’s Surface line.

The Remix Pro is the launch vehicle for Remix OS 3, which is based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow and includes unspecified bug fixes and additional features.

Jide is rather tight lipped with availability details, but we know that the device will launch first in China, with international availability to be confirmed in the future.

In addition to the flagship reveal, Jide Technologies announced that Chih-Wei Huang, founder of the Android X86 open source project, has joined its ranks. Huang brings his massive experience in developing Android for non-mobile products, adding to the solid pedigree of Jide’s leadership.

Jide has also struck a partnership with PC giant Acer, that will see a “limited edition” Remix OS-powered laptop being released in China. The laptop, dubbed Acer Aspire ES1-131, will feature an Intel processor and an “optimized version of Remix OS for PC.” It sounds like an experiment more than anything else, but having a big hardware partner on its side could help Jide achieve critical mass.

Finally, Jide revealed 22-inch and 32-inch variants of the Remix OS-powered AOC All-in-One it introduced earlier this year, as well as a new Remix OS PC box solution that is currently in development for OEM partners.

Jide’s new announcements suggest the company is working hard – and making progress – on establishing a sustainable business for itself. Considering how many devices that seem very exciting on paper turn out to be vaporware, that’s excellent news.

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