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Jeff Bezos’ Company Launches Capsule to Space

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There will soon be transported to space by humans who can afford it. Elon Musk is working on one and Jeff Bezos is working on another. According to the latest reports, Blue Origin, a Jeff Bezos company has now launched a capsule into space to test the air and the astronaut perks before people join in the travel.

Today’s flight with a dummy called Mannequin Skywalker was a very brief one. The whole show took ten minutes but it went far as 66 miles or 106 kilometers above West Texas grounds. It was a successful test as the New Shepard rocket and the capsule landed successfully.

The tests have been ongoing for about five years, and this one is the fourteenth flight for the new rocket. The company issued a statement on the success of this test, saying that it points to the fact that a lot of improvements have been made, and that the team considers that they are now closer to the goal of flying astronauts.

Blue Origin
Blue Origin

The statement also said that this isn’t the only show for this year, as it puts it, “there’s going to be a lot of fun ahead in 2021.”

Blue Origin will be a company taking earthly passengers to space, Of course, these will be paying passengers; people like tourists, scientists, and professional astronauts. The journey will be over the West Texas remote desert.

The company is also working on a bigger project, a rocket called New Glenn, which will take off from Cape Canaveral. Astronauts under NASA’s Artemis moon program will use the lunar lander.

This latest flight showed what improvements there are in the program: there were microphones and push to talk buttons for the six seats, wall panels for lowering engine noise, a safety alert system, and temperature controls to keep passengers comfortable and the big window free of fog.

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