iTunes freezes when iPhone is connected


Have you encountered this type of problem? When you connect your iPhone to your computer, iTunes should start automatically syncing your computer with your device. However, iTunes works, but freezes and doesn’t recognize your iPhone. In this article, we’ll show you what to do when iTunes freezes when iPhone connects.

Why iTunes freezes when iPhone is connected

A similar thing can happen if you start iTunes first and then connect the iPhone / iPod, iTunes freezes until the device is disconnected. There are several things that could cause iTunes to hang.


  1. iTunes media files may be missing or damaged on the device you are using.
  2. Unable to update iTunes before connecting your iPod / iPhone.
  3. Your iPhone version may not be compatible with iTunes.
  4. You have activated automatic syncing on iTunes.

Update iTunes on Windows

Do not connect your iPhone to the computer.

  1. Open iTunes but don’t connect your iPhone to the computer.
  2. Choose the “Help” option in the upper left corner of iTunes.
  3. Click “Check for Updates” and install an iTunes update if available.
  4. Close the iTunes application and restart your computer after the update is complete.

Update iTunes on MAC

Do not connect your iPhone to the computer.

  1. Click the Apple icon on Mac OS X and select “Software updates”.
  2. Choose an update for iTunes and install it.
  3. Restart your computer after completing the updates.

Most people solve the problem with iTunes freezing when connecting iPhone using these methods.

Disable automatic syncing if iTunes freezes when connecting iPhone

One of the common reasons iTunes freezes when connecting the iPhone may be automatic syncing. To disable automatic synchronization,

  1. Open iTunes but don’t connect your iPhone.
  2. Choose “Edit” from the drop-down menu in the upper left corner of the iTunes application window and choose “Preferences”.
  3. A dialog will appear, select the “Devices” tab and then check the box to the left of “Prevent automatic synchronization of iPod, iPhone, and iPad”.
  4. Press “OK”. Connect your devices and see if iTunes still hangs.

Remove any iTunes plug-ins

  • If you are using Windows, open this folder: “C: \ Users \ [username] \ App Data \ Roaming \ Apple Computer \ iTunes \ iTunes Plug-in.”.
  • If you are using Mac Os X, open this folder: “/ Library / iTunes / iTunes Plug-in.”.

Next, cut the iTunes plug-in folder from where it is located and paste it on the desktop. Open iTunes and connect your iPod / iPhone to the computer.

Launch iTunes in safe mode

You can also run iTunes in safe mode to see if iTunes still hangs when connecting iPhone. To do this, simply press Ctrl and Shift simultaneously and double click on iTunes. So you can connect your iPhone to the computer to see if iTunes freezes or not.

If you have not been able to solve you just have to contact Apple support.

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