Is Apple iPhone X Still Worth To Own?

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Goodbye to Apple iPhone X because after a one-year launch, its production has been stopped by Apple to make way for the iPhone XS and its other brothers. Usually just after the iPhone’s new model is launched, many will start buying models of last year due to the discounted price.

The iPhone X 64GB can now be purchased at $1,038, while the 256GB model is offered at $1200. This is a big discount compared to the original sale price of $1250 and $1450 last year. So the question is whether the iPhone X is still worth the purchase now?

Processor And RAM

Apple iPhone X comes equipped with Apple A11 Bionic processor but it is still more powerful than Snapdragon 845, Exynos 9810 and Kirin 970 which are used on Android devices on the market. It is also matched with a memory of 3GB RAM. One of the most significant deficiencies in the iPhone X is the size of a very small RAM because Android’s devices now have up to 8GB of RAM.

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If you need the performance of playing the highest permeability games and doing 4K video editing on a mobile device, the iPhone X is the device for you. It is still far ahead in terms of processing capabilities. But if you need a device for multi-task use, the size of the iPhone X RAM will disappoint you. Through the personal experience of the app on the iPhone X it is more frequent to re-start because of the lack of sufficient RAM.


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The 5.8 “OLED screen has Retina resolution (458 ppi) and supports the HDR display. There is also True Tone support that changes the screen description to make sure colors are displayed consistently at all times. It does, however, have an incredible notch while the current trend has begun to change to a small notch usage. This is inevitable because various front-facing sensors are needed for the Face ID system.

The following comparison is a list of screen sizes on some popular Android devices in the Malaysian market.

  • Honor Nova 3 – 6.3 “IPS LCD FHD + (409 ppi)
  • HTC U12 + – 6.0 “Super LCD6 QHD + (537 ppi)
  • Huawei P20 Pro – 6.1 “AMOLED FHD + HDR (408 ppi)
  • OnePlus 6 – 6.28 “Optic AMOLED HDR FHD + (402 ppi)
  • Oppo Find X – 6.42 “AMOLED HDR FHD + (401 ppi)
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 9 – 6.4 “SAMOLED QHD + HDR (516 ppi)
  • Samsung Galaxy S9 – 5.8 “SAMOLED QHD + HDR (570 ppi)
  • Vivo NEX – 6.59 “SAMOLED FHD + (388 ppi)
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As you can see above, with the use of OLED screens, HDR support and high pixel density the iPhone X is still able to compete with the majority of Android core devices on the market.


What is good camera capability? This is subjective depending on which question is addressed. For iPhone X picture quality users better on iOS because of better support on social media such as Instagram and Snapchat. The resulting static image also has a more natural color without extreme processing.

It is also the first device to offer 4K 60FPS recording. The 1080p video quality of iPhone X is also among the best because of dual-iOS stabilization system that is matched with good software.

With dual-camera, the iPhone X portrait mode also produces a more robust and realistic bokeh effect. On fake bokeh, Android is often used with weak edge detection. Among the key strengths of the iPhone X is the camera software that is more optimized for those who want a more original look with no special effects.

On Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy S9 there is a camera with variable aperture depending on the lighting situation. The 4K 60FPS recording is backed up and we feel footage in poor lighting conditions is better on Samsung’s landmark device.

But night-time champions for devices sold officially in Malaysia are Huawei P20 Pro. The four-hour long exposure recording mode P20 Pro gives it an unbeatable edge over the devices we have seen so far.

So what is the conclusion here? If you want more natural pictures and good video footage, the iPhone X is still worth it.

 If you are looking for a device that captures better night pictures, Huawei Mate 20 Pro has a significant advantage.
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Additional Functions

iOS is not known for its unique functionality as compared to Android. But on iPhone X and iOS 12, some interesting functions ultimately exist in this operating system. First of all is the Face ID system that scans the face in three dimensions. It also allows locking in dark without any problems. Only a small fraction of Android devices on the market support this function, for example, Xiaomi Mi 8 Explorer Edition. But for now, Face ID offers the best facial unlock system in the industry.

The new Animoji is also introduced through iOS 12 that adds another functionality of reality that allows users to create 3D faces of their faces. The same functionality still cannot be found on Android. Samsung has My Emoji but it’s not as smooth and accurate as Animoji. The two functions we listed above make the iPhone X still interesting to have.

But at the same time, the iPhone X is not equipped with an audio jack, it does not come with fast charger with every purchase, no multi-window functionality, difficult to transfer device content without using iTunes and no stylus support such as Galaxy Note 9. The iPhone X sales price is still higher after the price is updated but still no function offered Android device re-balancing the advantages we listed above.


Here’s a comparison of current selling prices for Android fleet devices with iPhone X.

  • Apple iPhone X – 64GB – $1038
  • Apple iPhone X – 256GB – $1200
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 9 – 6GB / 64GB – $890 
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 9 – 8GB / 512GB – $1100
  • Huawei P20 Pro – 6GB / 128GB – $700
  • Xiaomi Mi 8 – 6GB / 128GB – $480
  • Oppo Find X – 8GB / 256GB – $890
  • OnePlus 6 – 8GB / 256GB – $700
  • Vivo NEX – 8GB / 128GB – $670


Is the iPhone X still worth it? Looking at the various comparisons we provide on the answer is not currently available. We say this because with the sale price starting from $1038 it is still too expensive for a device that is one year old. Furthermore, it is a model that has not been released which might be searched by Apple’s hard-core collectors.

It is worthwhile for Apple fans to buy the iPhone XS and XS Max which will be launched in just a few months because of its more powerful cameras and processors. If Face ID you want, the iPhone XR provides the same functionality but we believe in a more affordable price.

Its camera capability can no longer be categorized as best in her class after 12 months on the market. We only recommend iPhone X to people who want to look like having an iPhone XS without having to spend more because both devices are difficult to distinguish remotely.

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