iPhone 13 May Have More Storage Capacity, Faster Wi-Fi 6E

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For professionals in the corporate world, and for people who love maximum speed while operating their smartphones, iPhone 13 brings more satisfaction. If you have loads of apps, you will need ample storage. Take note that iPhone 12 has 512 GB, but some of the iPhone 13 variants such as the 13s could have up to 1 TB.

The information is not yet confirmed but achieving that is not impossible. A YouTube channel, FrontPageTech, stated that the iPhone 13 Pro or the Pro Max is receiving testing for 1 TB configurations.  According to the information on that channel, the news was just about prototypes, something that Apple is testing. Fans wait for it to be confirmed.

If the iPhone 13 will have such mega space, corporate professionals will find the device of great use, especially for those who use their phones for their line of work. Other people who could benefit are photographers, or videographers who make use of iPhones. Now, it will be possible to store information regarding clients for a very long time.

Iphone 13
Iphone 13

Mobile journalists, adventure photographers, and others will also find it very useful. They will be able to store twice as much the iPhone 12 is able to hold for now. Anyway. Users also have the option of making use of cloud storage or external storage drives, as means of expanding the memory.

If the iPhone 13 is able to handle 1 TB of space, that means its storage will be larger than that of most iPads. However, the iPad Pro range is able to handle that storage capacity. It is surprising why Apple should be bringing this high storage to smartphones, instead of concentrating on its mid-tier tablets.

As the iPhone 13 series launch late this year, fans are also looking to see how magnificent the internet capacities (Wi-Fi 6E) will be.

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