iOS Google Keyboard (Gboard) Gets “Voice Typing” Update


Google, today, released an update to the Google Keyboard (Gboard) for iOS. This update introduces a feature that has been lacking on the iOS Google Keyboard.

The update boasts of a voice-based typing capabilty as well as support for new languages (up to 15 different languages). The updated iOS Gboard will also see it support the new emojis found in iOS 10.

Ever since the announcement of the Google Keyboard for iOS in May 2016, it has received quite a large number of warm reception and wide acceptance. A lot of iOS user really liked Gboard, even more than the custom iOS keyboard. It is agreeably the most used third-party keyboard application on the iOS platform.

Before now, despite wide usage, users still wished it could do one important thing, Voice Type. Reason why Google deprived iOS users this privilege which Android users have enjoyed for years still remains unknown.

Knowing that the absence of Voice transcription on the Google keyboard for iOS was the rationale behind most Apple fanboys (and girls) sticking with the custom iOS keyboard, the new iOS Google keyboard update which now allows this feature should give Apple a reason to worry as this may see a number of users migrate permanently to the iOS Keyboard.

To Voice type, after you have updated your keyboard of course, hold down the microphone icon on the space bar for a second or two and then release. A new screen will slide in with a pulsing microphone. Say what you have got to say and the Google Keyboard does the rest of the job, transcribe your voice into text!

Though the new voice typing feature isn’t as efficient and sleek as that on the custom in-built iOS keyboard, it still manages to get the voice transcription job done.

Also, considering the fact that Apple doesn’t grant third party keyboards access to any Apple device’s microphone, Google deserves a round of applause for finding a way around this restriction. Care to know how the Google iOS keyboard bypassed such restriction? Just read the last paragraph.

So basically, what the iOS Google Keyboard does is to dump your voice from the Gboard (the keyboard) into Gboard (the app) for voice recognition, and afterwards, sends the results back as keyboard input in whatever app (be it iMessage, WhatsApp, BBM etc) you’re using.

The Gboard packs some other nice feature in the new update.

“Other new features for iOS Gboard include support for new languages (15 in total, including Dutch, Russian, Malay, and Polish), access to the latest emoji, and quick access to Google’s Doodles — the animations that appear to celebrate events, holidays, and anniversaries on the Google home page. On Doodle days, the “G” logo in Gboard will animate. Click it to see the Doodle.”, The Verge reports.

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