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Intel Announces 11th Generation Core H35 Processors with 5GHz

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Intel announced its new 11th generation Intel Core H35 processors. Therefore, we are talking about new products part of the H series, being designed specifically for gaming ultrabooks.

Therefore, Intel’s big goal is to bring outstanding gaming performance in an ultraportable format. After all, according to Intel, these new processors achieve an excellent balance between mobility and processing power, even in the most demanding games.

11thgenh35 Performance Fps
11thgenh35 Performance Fps

5GHz speed

So, first of all, 11th generation Intel Core H35 processors feature speeds up to 5 GHz, while featuring 4 cores and 8 threads.

However, Intel says that more than 40 notebooks are expected to launch with H35 processors later this year. In this way, popular computer makers like Acer, Asus, MSI, and others will be at the forefront to include these new processors.

Having said all that, the 11th generation Intel Core i7-11375H Special Edition is the main processor in the H35 series. A processor that has Turbo Boost 3.0, functionality that offers turbo boost speeds up to 5GHz.

Intel claims that the Core i7-11375H Special Edition is the fastest processor for laptops in single-thread performance. Performance that can only be matched by the 10th generation Intel Core i9-10980HK processor. (Which has a much higher TDP, comparatively. Since it was designed for machines more focused on performance.)

11thgenh35 Single Thread Performance
11thgenh35 Single Thread Performance

Similarly, the company claims that the 11th generation Intel Core i7-11375H Special Edition processor allows users to play the most popular games. After all, it allows you to play the main AAA games in Full HD resolution with quite high settings.

In short, Intel is playing a great asset in the ultrabook market! Its reduced dimensions and weight are the most important factors today. So, the more and the better performance in this class of notebooks is sure to attract even more potential buyers.

Furthermore, what do you think about all this? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.

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