Instagram Recently Deleted Feature allows you to recover deleted content!

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The team responsible for the development of Instagram has just launched a very interesting feature called “Recently Deleted“. That is, Instagram will now allow you to recover some of the lost content. Which for some reason or another, decided to delete.

Instagram has new functionality to recover deleted content

Therefore, Instagram has undergone several changes in recent times, both for the most common users, as well as for content creators and companies. We have the example of Reels! That is undeniably a move to rival the famous TikTok. Although I haven’t made a big dent yet…

However, in addition to Reels, new tools for account monitoring have been added. A more thoughtful feature for the ‘Pros’.

Now, for the most common users, we also have “Recently Deleted”. That not only helps victims of hacks but also undecided users who delete some photos and then regret what they did.

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Interestingly, this feature works a lot like the Windows 10 Recycle Bin, storing the photos or stories you have decided to delete, over a period of 30 days (in the case of photos) and 24 hours (in the case of stories). So after the time is up. The content is removed, forever! 

Well… sort of…
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Note: Despite the removal, Instagram always has a 90-day backup. So, despite deleting this content, it actually still exists on the platform’s servers.

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However, if you want to see Instagram’s new functionality at work. Just go to the app’s settings and go to the part of your account.

Furthermore, what do you think about all this? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.

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