Buy INEC (LiFePo) PowerBank For Laptops, Fans or TV


Are you still burning fuel or Diesel just to power your laptop, phones, bulbs, CCTV cameras, fans, routers etc? Do you know that 1500naira fuel on a generator on daily basis would cost you over a million naira in just 2 years? I introduce you to this powerful 70ah lithium battery with a 500w inverter and solar to save the cost you spend on a generator.

This Battery and Inverter can serve you for over 3 years, Solar panels have a life span of over 15 years. It supports all laptops because the inverter converts power stored in the battery as DC (Direct Current) into alternative power (AC), which is equal to what Nepa or a generator supply.

Aside charging your laptops and phones, the product can also power rechargeable fans, tablets, CCTV, clippers, led TV etc when used individually.


The battery takes 8 hours to be fully charged with Electricity (PHCN), generator or sun 🌞 (Solar). The product comes with overcharged protection board (BMS)

The Inverter and Battery system is portable and dependable when you need to use it for work.

Tested and confirmed to have a long-lasting battery. Very good and in excellent condition.

From personal experience, it charges and powers my DELL 90w laptop for up to 12 hours straight.

My laptop battery is still in good condition; it serves for the whole day when using it for browsing with the help of the lithium battery and inverter.

This means I can use the power bank and mini inverter with my laptop, MiFi and phone without going off for as long as I want if it’s been connected to a solar panel (especially during a sunny season).

The beautiful thing with using solar is that you can charge and use the same time and the solar panel that comes with it is 150w mono with 15 yards solar wire (wire is capable to get to most 1 storey building).


What are you expecting in the complete package:

  • On a typical valuation, the system (Battery and Inverter) will serve
  • 45w laptop only for 24hours. 65w laptop only for 16 hours. 90w laptop for 12 hours.

Charging Time:

If you are charging with Nepa(PHCN) or Generator takes 8 hours to fully charged. Charging with Solar (Sun) takes 10 hours on a sunny day, but during rain will charge also but at a slow space depending on the level of rain at that time, though it’s advisable to charge only when there is Sun.



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Screenshot 20201006 062128

Items you are expecting on arrival:

  1. 70ah lithium Battery
  2. Ac Charger 16v 4.5a to charge the battery with Nepa(PHCN) or Generator.
  3. 500w Inverter that converts the power stored in the battery from DC to AC
  4. 150w mono solar panel connected to 15 yards wire (This is optional and only valid if a customer wants to use with solar.
  5. 12v DC bulb to brighten your room using with the Battery directly.

Below are some pictures of the Power Bank (LiFePo) With Adaptor and Inverter For Laptops:

How much is this power bank?

The power bank cost just N65,000 without solar, while one with solar is N110,000 only and can be shipped to anywhere in Nigeria.  Delivery within Lagos takes 24 hours or less. Outside Lagos can take up to 3 working days or more depends on the location.

Pay on Delivery:

Pay on delivery is available only within Lagos for now. Outside Lagos is pay before delivery.

For order, contact Emmanuel on WhatsApp HERE.