iMac Gets First Redesign in a Decade

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A Bloomberg report has revealed that Apple is working on a brand new iMac and also two Mac Pros. The iMac may now look more like Apple’s Pro Display XDR monitor in some sense. It may even take on a flat rear instead of the curved one you see in the current model.

There two versions that fans are waiting for, one is codenamed J456, and the other J457. These will replace the existing 21.5-inch iMac and the 27-inch iMac. It is hard to tell exactly what shape the new design will take or whether it will have such things as the same screen size as the ones they are replacing or not.


One thing is for sure, they will both run Apple Silicon, not Intel processors this time.

The present iMac design is nothing like the 1998 original design, which was said to have given Apple the edge to grow strong in the technology market. Some of those features, like the CRT enclosing, USB-introducing, floppy disk, and others were the order of the day in those days, but not anymore.

The iMacs will be more powerful. Compared to the first iMac which had 233 MHz PowerPC G3, 32 MB of RAM a 4 GB hard disk. We expect more on these sides in the new product.

Now, we are talking about flat-panels screens, and while the 2002 iMac heralded the screen-dominated design to come, the current iMac is bigger and more premium-looking than the iMac G5 that came on the scene in 2005. The current design is ten years long and old. It had a small makeover in 2012, with a slimmer rear case introduced in 2012.

Apple is also reported to be working on two new Mac Pros. One of them is an update to the current model, and may still promote Intel processors, while the other will introduce a new design and run Apple Silicon.

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