I-Gadget M9: Wireless Earbuds with LED Display


There are several reasons to take a look at the I-Gadget M9. It is already clear that it comes with some pleasant features. There’s the Bluetooth, in-ear stereo, the LED display, a 2,000 mAh charging case, built-in microphone, deep bass for quite a few occasions, and even more.

I-Gadget M9 Description

There are five things that define this accessory. The smart touch is one. The control makes it possible to tap just once to play/pause music. You can also answer your phone calls, you could press it down to adjust the volume up or down. That means you could actually control this device without having to open up your smartphone.

Secondly, Bluetooth is the latest type of technology which means everything you do with it will be faster. This also greatly improves transmission speed and provides the user with a low-latency listening experience which is up to 30 feet.

Next, is the one-step pairing which allows the user to pick up two headsets from one charging case and these could easily connect with each other. Use the mobile phone Bluetooth setting to pair both together.

I Gadget M9 In Ear
I Gadget M9 In Ear

The fourth spectacular thing is that the I-Gadget M9 is actually waterproof. You can wear it for sporting activities and never need to worry about sweats that may cover it. It comes with IPX-2 certification but I can’t tell if you could swim with the I-Gadget M9 earbuds.

Finally, the charge on the go makes your world easier. You could make use of the I-Gadget M9 for over five hours on a single charge. The user has the pleasure of making use of fast charge for fully charging the rechargeable case in about 45 minutes through the cable. The LED light on the charging case is a beauty and at the same time helps you to keep your attention on the charging period.

Performance of I-Gadget M9 Earbuds

It works with an amazing high-fidelity 6D sound. That sound quality has been rated by many professionals as the most powerful environmental tool because it has cochlear technique with binaural; and vestibular flows. The grasp of sound reality reaches a stage it has never done in the past.

I Gadget M9
I-Gadget M9

Other Important Features of I-Gadget M9 Earbuds

  • HD Mirror can be used as a mirror for your face
  • Flashlight function
  • Three true battery display
  • Highly sensitive touch
  • Strong light LDE flashlight
  • Large capacity charging compartment
  • Mobile phone emergency power bank


At the present time, M9 sells for $34.99 online.

Why Buyers Love the I-Gadget M9

Stacey: It is another addition to my mirrors in the house. I don’t need to take another mirror with me when going out. With the I-Gadget M9 with me, I can check if my makeup is still intact. I love the flashlight too, you don’t need another torch when it’s dark. But I love the sound above all else.


John: In the few days I have used the I-Gadget M9 Earbuds, I have come to love it very much. I use it for my iPod, for DJ things, travel with it, for gaming, sports, etc. It’s really a nice companion that I always want to have with me.

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