Huawei Vows To Lead 5G Market Despite Persecution from The West


Canadian police in Vancouver on December 1 arrested 46-year-old Meng, Huawei’s chief financial officer and daughter of founder Ren Zhengfei. The U.S requested that Canadian government arrest her.

The U.S accused Huawei of using a Hong Kong shell company to sell equipment to Iran in violation of U.S sanctions. The U.S government also claims Huawei misled banks regarding its dealings in Iran.

After three days of hearing, Meng was released on bail of C$10 million. She was made to surrender her two passports and agree to wear an ankle bracelet. Further, she will stay confined in her Vancouver home for at least 7 hours each day.

Far away in the White Cloud Cave of Mount Kong in Xingtai city, Hebei province, an official notice that visitors with Huawei or Honor phones can gain free entry from December 18 to 23. This move is in honor of Meng.

Meng will return to court early next year for another legal proceeding. Her case is setting off diplomatic furore among three countries and also complicates U.S – China trade talks.

Now, Chinese organizations and businesses are issuing notices urging staff members to show their support for the Chinese telecoms giant by boycotting iPhones.

Menpad, one of Huawei’s suppliers said it will punish any employee that buys iPhone. Such a person has to pay 100 percent of the market price in three years. But staff who stay away from iPhone will get rewards, Menpad says. They will get 15 percent subsidy.

The company also vows to stay away from any American product such as office equipment, computers, and cars. The company will also double the sale commission of any employee who sells its products to the U.S.

As several Chinese companies, some of them Huawei suppliers vow support for the company, Huawei holds on to its promise of dominating the 5G market terrain next year and hinted at never giving up on that despite block by the West.

The company has also defended its global 5G ambitions and network security in fears from the West that Huawei could serve as Trojan horse for Beijing’s security tools.

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