Huawei P30 now confirms its teardrop-shaped notch

We are about three months away from the likely official presentation of Huawei’s new Android smartphone. Your name? Huawei P30 and will arrive to celebrate the new impetus of this Chinese manufacturer, the 2nd largest manufacturer of mobile devices in the world.

Firstly, at this moment Huawei is preparing to close the year with a total of 200 million Android smartphones sold. As a result, the brand is increasingly becoming a global giant and a strong name in this “mobile world”.

However, aware of the difficulties ahead, particularly in the US market, Huawei has to continue to innovate. A continuous effort that will materialize very soon with a whole new generation of Android smartphones, the P30 range.

Is this the “face” of the Huawei P30 smartphone?

Secondly, the Huawei P30 smartphone will be one of the two expected tops of gamers for the first half of 2019. It will join the Huawei P30 Pro, with a few more trumps and a considerably larger screen. However, on this occasion, we will focus our attention on the Huawei P30, the standard version of this Android mobile device. Next, we have the one that appears to be your screen protector glass with a peculiar notch. It appears to have a “U” shape or drop of water/tear.

The glass panel will coat the front of this Android smartphone.
huawei p30 now confirms its teardrop-shaped notch 2

With reduced side margins, the Android smartphone still has a rather diminutive chin. However, we do not have a true symmetry here, since the upper margin is practically nonexistent or very small.

It will be Huawei’s next Android smartphone

We have a discreet “notch” that will house your front camera. Something that will make possible all your selfies as well as the video calls. Even so, for now, it is impossible to confirm the truthfulness of this material, although it is quite probable.

Thirdly, here regarding the main novelties of this Android smartphone, apart from the new screen and new notch, we will have a new processor. In this sense, we already have the presence of the Kirin 980 inside, the current top SoC of this company.

However, it is likely that the Android smartphone will bring us a triple sensor with a 40MP sensor. In addition, one of these sensors will have a 5X zoom where you will not lose any image quality.

The front camera will be 24MP with a new sensor. That is, however much the MPs are the same, the quality should be considerably higher. It is this front camera that will rest on the “notch” of the smartphone in question.

In short, little by little this “puzzle” is being built. However, it is still difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff or to know exactly what is real from what is mere speculation/adulteration.

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