Huawei Mate 20X In Anticipation: Heatpipe And Large Battery


Just this week, Huawei Mate 20X has had few mentions online about its possibility of being announced on October 16 2018. This latest release if it ever happens on that date will be in addition to previous releases of Huawei Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro.

Hints Dropping Online

For this latest smartphone in anticipation, there were social media teasing of the device as coming with large battery because it will also be a massive gaming smartphone with a large display. This device could probably compete with Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

According to hints we are getting online, Mate 20X will have a massive 7.21 inches OLED screen display. There are few mobile phones in the range of 7 inches screen. Some of them also belong to Huawei. You see those big inches screen in Huawei Honor 8X Max (7.12 inches screen), also on Yuntab E706 (7 inches screen), and also on Leagoo M9 Pro.

Mate 20X New Trend

The trends in gaming smartphones is changing quickly and smartphone manufacturers are beginning to realize this. Some of the areas where manufacturers are trying to measure up are in the screen resolution, performance, and size. The sub-brand of Huawei, Honor, fully understands this.


So, as we await the launch of the Huawei Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro, we could just get a surprise of this new Mate 20X which apart from the large screen will arrive with large battery as well.

Huawei Mate 20X is also expected to support 7nm Kirin 980 SoC in the same vein with its two other cousins, and it will also come with large enough amount of memory. According to information we have on hand, the screen resolution of Mate 20X will be 2240 x 1080. Additionally, this new device should have support for Huawei’s GPU Turbo technology, featuring as well, up to 8GB of RAM accompanied by ample amounts of internal storage.

What Hauwei Fans Expect

Huawei has been known to launch Porsche Design versions of its flagships in the past. In this way, fans were hoping that will be the same case on October 16 that Huawei will announce Mate 20 Porsche Design. But with the latest announcement, it is not going to be so.

One reason given for the large battery is the large screen display. For Huawei fans who cherish light-weight phones, they have to know this: Larger screen display begets larger battery. In other words, the Huawei Mate 20X will be a little heavier among the pack.


In view of this, the company reveals that the presence of the second generation NPU from the Kirin 980 and OLED panel will also be able to contribute to battery endurance.

A Cooling System for Mate 20X

In an era of exploding smartphones, it is very considerate for manufacturers to factor in a way to manage performance in high-demand performance in smartphones. Information shared by Honor seems to suggest that there may be an advanced cooling solution to allow the CPU and the GPU to run at their default frequencies without choking.


Fans are expecting that the Huawei Mate 20X go official or announced at the October 16, 2018 event. In the same manner, Huawei will release the much talked about Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro. The company will also release other products from its stable on that date.

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