Huawei back with the departure of Trump?

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If there was one thing that marked Donald Trump’s mandate, it was the persecution of Chinese giant Huawei. However, if you think this was the only president who saw the smartphone maker as a threat to North American security, you are very wrong… Huawei has been on the United States’ blacklists for decades! But as it was never possible to find evidence of anything, presidents like Bush or Obama always chose not to create wars just because they did. After all, during Barack Obama’s term, there was even a formal investigation into Huawei, but of course, again, nothing was found.

Having said all this, with or without evidence, Donald Trump decided to fire the bullet that was already in the cannon of his pistol. And apparently, Joe Biden is not in the mood to go back.

Huawei back with the departure of Trump? Probably not

So, as you may know, Donald Trump had no pity or pity for Huawei! Adding its name to the Entity List, which basically ended any business relationship that the Chinese giant had with North American companies, or with companies outside the American domain that still used patented technology in this country.

It is for all these reasons that Huawei left the Google ecosystem, and similarly also lost access to TSMC’s production lines.

Having said all this, with the change of management, it is obvious that there was some hope in the market that Huawei could receive some oxygen balloon. However, according to the Secretary of Commerce, the new administration sees no reason to lift the prohibitions imposed on the Chinese company.

More bad news for Huawei?

This statement may have been just “for English to see”. But truth be told, despite the fact that Joe Biden has been “on the perch” for less than a month… And most likely there are more serious issues to resolve. The new American president has not yet touched on this subject, nor does he seem to have a strong desire to do so.

Still, anything can happen, especially if the United States and China sit down at the negotiating table again. But for now, Huawei remains in the “ball of sticks”, as my mother likes to say.

Furthermore, what do you think about all this? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.

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