How You Can Rectify “4504 Message Not Found.” Error On Android

Android users that make use of their text messaging applications might’ve seen a strange error message in their SMS application that reads “4504 Message Not Found”. at one point or the other. These errors are shockingly rampant, and seem to rear its head on Samsung S4 smartphones the most.

They show up on any Android device running SMS, irrespective of cell phone carrier.

If you check the 4504 message in your SMS carefully, you will notice that its sender is unknown. Due to this, users conclude that it is a spam message, but that is so wrong. There are just two reasons for this message- The first is, you have “Block Unknown Senders” activated in your SMS app, which can make a text from an unknown sender appear like a “ghost” message. The second reason, which is more common, is when a text message gets hung hung up in transmission or a data packet is not transmitted correctly from the provider to your smartphone.

Fix “4504 Message Not Found” Error On Android

The terrible news is that there is no go-to solution for this error. But there is a great news as well, there are some things you can take care of yourself. In this article, i’ll highlight some basic steps you can take to stop receiving such error.

1. Perform A Soft Reboot

  1. Hold down the power button till you can view the phone option menu.
  2. Select Restart.
  3. Leave the phone to reboot and confirm if it fixed the problem.

2. Perform A Hard Reboot

  1. Hold down the power button of your device till you can view the phone option menu.
  2. Select Power off.
  3. Do nothing for 30 seconds as soon as it is switched off.
  4. After 30 seconds, restart your completely booted phone and confirm if it fixed the problem.

If your phone has a removable battery, removing it and letting the device remain off for half a minute and then putting the battery back in is another simple way to let the phone undergo a cold boot.

3. Reseat Your Sim Card

For some users, reseating the SIM inside the phone will rectify the “4504 Message Not Found” error.

  1. Hold down the power button of your phone till you can view the phone option menu.
  2. Select power off.
  3. Remove the case of the phone or make use of the SIM removal tool to remove your SIM.
  4. Clean the SIM with a soft cloth.
  5. Put the SIM back in and reboot the phone.
  6. Confirm if it fixed the problem.

4. Factory Reset Your Mobile Phone

If the problem persists, the only solution left is a factory reset. This will get rid of all data on your phone so you must be entirely sure.

  1. Head to the Settings menu on your phone.
  2. Head to Backup & Reset and Factory Data Reset.
  3. Click “Reset Phone” and then click “Erase everything”.
  4. Let the process wrap up and allow the phone to reboot.

A factory reset is meant to be like the last resort in a case like this so make use of it only when the other listed steps do not work.

I can only hope that fixing your “4504 Message Not Found” error won’t come to that.

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