How You Can Add Video Ringtones On Android?

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Smartphones have been here a while and they will keep getting better. But with more beautiful and complex features yearly, it can be quite difficult to keep up with precisely what your smartphone can let you do.

Like ringtones for example, are you aware that it can be upgraded into something more exciting that will make your mobile device appear cooler?

Imagine, if someone dials your number and your smartphone plays a video clip instead of the regular sound we are all used to? Amazing right? To make this happen is pretty easy. The steps to take have been highlighted in this article, Android users can thank me later.

The Best Android Apps For Video Ringtones

Nowadays, you can locate an app for almost everything, and video ringtones are not left out. Although it is vital for you to get the appropriate app for your mobile device immediately.

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As regards customizing your mobile phone, there are loads of underwhelming apps that will only complicate things further. Before revealing the kind of applications you can utilize to set video ringtones, lemme touch on some guidelines you must follow that will preserve your time and ensure your phone is not exposed to any form of risk.

How You Can Download Apps Or Files On Your Android Device Safely?

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To ensure your private information is not stolen, do what you see below:

1. Download And Install Antivirus Software For Mobile Devices

Like PCs, mobile phones can also get hit by malware. Depending on the kind of malware, every data you possess can either be stolen or erased. Antivirus softwares like AVG AntiVirus, Avast and so on can be of help. These softwares do not cost you a dime and they are available on the Play Store. Do note that some specific features in them will remain locked except you pay up.

2. Block 3rd Party Downloads

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The safest platform for downloading apps has to be the Google Play Store. Getting something downloaded from just any website is seen as a 3rd Party Download and it exposes your phone data, since some malwares come in form of applications these days.

Having said that, stay far away from downloads that are not safe and only make use of platforms that guarantee your safety. Android phones actually have an option that will prevent 3rd Party Downloads if you mistakenly tap downloadable links. The option is normally activated but it is better to confirm if yours is or not.

Just access your device’s settings and click on the Apps. “Block unknown sources” will then be visible, all you need to do is tick the checkbox near it.


To ensure you locate the right app, just:

  1. Go through the reviews on the Google Play Store.
  2. Confirm the application’s ratings.
  3. Go through its features.
  4. Confirm its manufacturer.

Applications You Can Use For Achieving Video Ringtone
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The apps below can be seen in the Google Play Store. And they will aid you to set a video as a ringtone. They are all simple to use as well.


Vyng is one well known apps that lets you set a clip as a ringtone. All that needs to be done are:

  1. Locate “Vyng” in the Play Store – Its the one with a blue and white logo.
  2. Click Install.
  3. Hold on for the app to be downloaded, then install it.
  4. Launch the app and click on “Get Started”.
  5. “Enable Vyng” will be visible.
  6. Click on Permissions and let Vyng have access to your contacts.
  7. Click on Draw Video and grant Vyng the permissions it requires to display a clip on your mobile device.
  8. Click on Audio to also let Vyng play songs with your video.
  9. Do the exact same thing for Autostart Vyng and Notification Access, because this will make Vyng effective for all phonecalls and ensure it shows a full-screen clip.
  10. If you did all you should in the right manner, a check mark will be visible close to every one of them plus you will notice the All Set button.
  11. Click on the All Set button and log yourself in.
  12. As soon as you have chosen a clip you intend to set, click on the blue circle on the right side of your screen.
  13. Then select the contact that you intend to set the clip for.

Vyng lets you make use of some of their free clips also even if you get to upload yours too. For assistance if you are stuck, head over to Vyng’s FAQ

2. Video Ringtone

Video Ringtone is another app that you can utilize to make this happen. The steps involved in this one are the same as the steps we discussed for Vyng.

Just locate the app by searching for Video Ringtone in your Google Play Store or by tapping this link, have it installed. Then do all we touched on with Vyng. The design is not the same as the first option but its functionality is similar.

Other identical apps that can do the job:

  1. Video Ringtone for Incoming Call.
  2. Video Ringtone – Incoming Video Call Pro.
  3. Full-Screen Video Ringtone for Incoming Call.
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