How to Watch HBO NOW Outside US with Smart DNS Proxy

Normally, to Watch HBO NOW Outside US, it’s next to impossible because it geo-restricted and the peoples who live in US, Australia, Germany, Canada, UK, and few other countries can only have access to HBO NOW. Yes, we can use VPN services to access it but all the fun will be eliminated in short time. However, with VPN you cannot enjoy HBO NOW flawlessly because with VPN, connection data speed also reduces. And even if you get a good VPN access with great speed, you will still need an American credit card to subscribe to the HBO NOW.

To enjoy HBO NOW Outside US, you will need to follow some steps which I will definitely provide you here. I will guide you on how you can use Smart DNS Proxy to access HBO NOW. And I will also guide you on how you can subscribe to HBO NOW without having Credit cards of the HBO NOW supported countries. So, let’s start this article and let me first explain everything before we go the steps.

What is HBO NOW?

HBO NOW is an American Video Subscription on-demand service that operated by American premium cable and satellite television network HBO. Unlike other free subscription channels, HBO NOW charges on a monthly basis that cost around $14.99 per month. HBO NOW is very similar to the streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime (They also charge on a monthly basis). And just like these services, HBO NOW also offers exclusive movies, TV Shows, Season, and more. HBO NOW has done a great thing in its pricing. However, there are two plans available for its eligible viewers; Unlimited Streaming and Cinemax Package.

By subscribing its unlimited package, you can watch or stream content on HBO NOW with no limit. On the other hand, Cinemax has few limitations in streaming and content. Pricing of Cinemax Package is a bit slightly low compared to Unlimited package. For Cinemax Package, you only have to pay $9.99 per month.

Difference Between HBO NOW and HBO GO

Whenever people hear about these, they think both are the same channel and provides the same content with the same price. But the case if actually different! There is little difference between these two channels. However, HBO GO comes free with the cable subscription plan where HBO NOW costs $14.99 per month. And its because HBO NOW provides more interesting content than HBO GO. Even new content gets available on both the channels in about an hour after live broadcast but still, to enjoy the quality content of HBO NOW people have to pay its separate monthly price.

So, that’s the difference between HBO NOW and HBO GO. Now, lets come to the main topic, its how one can watch HBO NOW outside the US.

How to Watch HBO NOW outside the US

Watch HBO NOW Outside US

Basically, you can watch HBO NOW outside the US using two methods. Either using any VPN service or Smart DNS Proxy. Both work pretty well but we prefer Smart DNS Proxy because Internet speed remains the same and with VPN, you will face buffering problem a lot. Well, we will guide you on both and help you enjoy HBO NOW Outise the US. So, let’s get straight to the procedure.

Step 1- Choose a VPN or Smart DNS Proxy

There are a hell lot of VPN apps, extension, and software are available for all the devices including phones, Computer, etc. You can choose any from the vast amount and also, we have a huge list of VPN articles which you can check out from here. For real quick, you can check our “5 Best VPN Apps for Android Phones & Tablets” article, for PC users, check “How to Connect to a VPN in Windows 10“. Before selecting any VPN service, make sure you check their privacy policy and terms and condition because few unknown VPN are stealing data these days. If you are still confused then just Read this final article “The best free VPNs to protect our privacy“.

Smart DNS Proxy

If you are fully aware of using VPN and you know the pro & cons of it and have decided to use Smart DNS Proxy then its the best decision you have ever made. We also recommend using Smart DNS Proxy especially for watching HBO NOW Outside the US. Smart DNS Proxy will give you a lot of benefits that you will not get from any VPN. So, visit the Smart DNS Proxy site and sign up. Currently, Smart DNS proxy is giving free-trial of 14 days and normally they charge approx $5 per month with unlimited usage. So, it is the best time to sign up because you will get free 14 days access to Smart DNS Proxy.

Go ahead and sign up! And then start your VPN or Smart DNS Proxy and get connected to the United States.

Step 2- Purchase a Gift Card to Escape the need of American Credit Card

Purchasing a gift card for HBO NOW is the only alternative of subscribing it with an American credit card. We will need to purchase it because we are not a resident of the United States. And through purchasing a gift card for HBO NOW, you can use it to subscribe the HBO NOW. So, to get a gift card, visit Mygiftcardsupply and purchase a gift card for HBO NOW. You can simply search HBO NOW gift card in the search to find it. The good news is you don’t need US credit card to buy a gift card for HBO NOW. You can use any countries Credit or debit card to purchase a gift card for HBO NOW.

HBO NOW Gift Card

An HBO NOW Gift card from Mygiftcardsupply will cost you a bit more. You will need to at least spend $25 for a gift card which will give you the access to HBO NOW for 7 weeks. So, just add to cart the HBO Now gift card, sign up with your email and password, process the payment with your Credit card or Debit Card, or PayPal. Once, you proceed the payment, you will shortly receive a physical gift card back side scanned paper by your submitted email which will also include the code that you will need to subscribe the HBO NOW. After having it, follow the next step.

Step 3- Sign up or Subscribe HBO NOW Using the Gift Card

After you’ve got the Gift card through your email, you will need to redeem it on the official HBO’s NOW Giftcard Redemption page. Just visit the page with the Smart DNS Proxy ON and connected to the US. The page will not open if you try to access it from unsupported regions. Also, be patience there because the page will load slower. Once it gets completely loaded on your browser, it will look like exactly in the picture below.

Redeem HBO NOW Gift Card

Just enter the 12 digit code on the first field (Look on your scanned gift card for the code). Then select State or Territory and enter its respective ZIP Code. In my case, I have selected State California with its primary ZIP code 90210. You can also select other states based on the US. If you don’t know any state in the US then you can simply search on the google and find along with its Zip Code. Once you fill all the field accordingly, hit the Continue button.

In the next tab, you will need to enter your Name, Email address, and Password for creating an account of HBO NOW. Just fill carefully and submit it. Now, you will see a successfully redeemed page with a few details of your used Gift card. So, now you have successfully created an HBO NOW account using a Gift card. Follow the last next step.

Step 4- Log in to HBO NOW and Enjoy its Content

Visit the HBO NOW Website and click on the Already a Subscriber link from the top right side. Enter your Email address and Password that you just have used to create HBO NOW account and hit the log it button. After that, you will be able to access all its premium content from the comfort of your own country. If you use Smart DNS Proxy, you will be far away from buffering problem and you will be able to Enjoy its top perks flawlessly.


HBO NOW is great streaming service that provides some top-rated shows which not everyone can enjoy. But now everyone can enjoy using some tricks and Smart DNS Proxy. In this article, we have covered everything that you will need to access HBO NOW from outside the US. And now anyone can enjoy HBO NOW without actually being the resident of US. Gift Card method is actually more beneficial than normally subscribing the HBO because you get few extra days of access to it.

Hopefully, you have learned how you can enjoy HBO NOW outside the US? If so, share this article with your friends who are also willing to know a way to enjoy HBO NOW Outside US. If you still have any question regarding this article, just drop down below. I will try to answer it for you. See you in a similar article.