How To View Game of Thrones Online and Offline (Paid & Free)

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Everyone is anticipating “Game of Thrones.” Season 8, if you aren’t, permit me to use these words, “Are you freaking kidding me?” Some are still yet to watch Season 1 of it while others are following up episode by episode.

The series scheduled for April 15, 2019, is going to take over our screens any day now, but before that, fans might fancy catching up with the TV series, watch all episodes again and just get dazzled by the greatest TV show on earth. Listed below are some of the best ways to watch GOT online so you are updated ahead of the scheduled date for the highly-anticipated new episode.

You do not need torrents to view Game of Thrones.

There are networks that also want a share of the money maker that is GOT and will be displaying the full seasons 1 to 7 in weeks to come. If you plan to watch again from the very start, you have to hurry as you have just less than 6 weeks until the world welcomes the brand new season.

Even beyond the release, the series is here to stay as it has been a massive success for HBO.

Where GOT Can Be Viewed Online


First and foremost, offline; some venues in New York display one or two episodes of Game of Thrones on the big screen with dinner and refreshments. Find a list of places you can do this in NY city below.

  • White Gold Butchers (375 Amsterdam Ave., Upper West Side)
  • The Bowery Beer Garden (Doors open at 7 p.m.; reserve by calling 212-343-8111. 93 Bowery,thebowerybeergarden.com)
  • Gallery Bar (1056 Broadway, Brooklyn)
  • The Way Station (Free entry, events begin at 8 p.m., 683 Washington Ave., Crown Heights)
  • Junoon (Tickets $38 (2 cocktails) or $55 (3 cocktails), both include food, 8:30-11:30 p.m., 27 W. 24th St., eventbrite.com)
  • Durden Bar (Free entry, 213 Second Ave., durdenbarnyc.com)
  • Professor Thom’s (219 Second Ave., professorthoms.com)
  • Stone Creek Bar & Lounge (140 E. 27th St., Kips Bay)
  • The VNYL (Free entry, 100 Third Ave., thevnyl.com)

These are a few places to relax with GOT and enjoy the dinner at the same time. For those of us without this luxury, let’s discuss how it can be done online.


It has been here for a while now and is known to be a great option because of the quality programming on it. $15 i.e. N5,385 is all it will take monthly, and you will be able to stream every season of Game of Thrones plus other interesting TV shows, movies e.t.c. You can even view Westworld, True Detective, The Sopranos, S3x and the City and so on.

Amazon Video

It is quite costly but can still be used. At about $3.99 i.e N1,432 an episode or $9.99 i.e N3,586 per season, you will be able to watch the popular series in full HD on Amazon Video. All episodes and seasons are present on it so your choice is all that is needed to begin viewing.

If you purchase Amazon Prime with HBO at $14.99 i.e N5,381 monthly, you will be allowed to view all of the series without paying a dime. This is a better way to view the show on this platform if you ask me.


Yeah, you saw right. iTunes also joined in the fun. If you use an Apple product, all you have to do is pay $96.99 i.e N34,819 to have all 7 seasons unlocked to satisfy your viewing pleasure on your device. We do not know of any option available here for users to purchase individual seasons or shows


Hulu is also on the list. For $40 i.e N14,360 monthly, you can enjoy all things Game of Thrones for as long as you desire before Season 8 starts to excite us. As a subscriber, you can enjoy access to HBO2, HBO Family, HBO Latino, HBO Comedy, HBO Signature HD, HBO Zone.

Seeing that Hulu is a primary subscription service, an HBO option was key and sensible.

PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue also realizes the simple fact that GOT is king. With its $15 i.e N5,385 monthly option that allows you to view without needing a PlayStation. It can be watched on several devices so not only gamers are catered for here. They show other popular series too. Gamers should love it.


Now DirectTV features HBO as a channel and you get to pay $17.99 i.e N6,458 monthly. Being an offerer of several mesmerizing channels and being a massive competition to Hulu, it is a very good option to use for watching Game of Thrones.

Just make sure DirecTV Now covers your region/location.


Is Game of Thrones (GOT) on Netflix?

The plain answer to this question is NO. Game of Thrones seasons (1-8) are not available on Netflix. This is because HBO views Netflix as a big rival in the premium entertainment space and therefore in the very early days of Netflix vowed to never put any of its titles on Netflix instead opting for its own.

This has continued right up to the current day with a few exceptions here and there.

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