How to Use Instagram Reels Text-to-Speech, Voice Effects Features


Instagram just added two new features (text-to-speech and voice effects) on Reels that those who are already on TikTok know so well. Now, Instagram users can make use of text-to-speech, and voice effects. This new feature is called reels as well.

There is now a section on Instagram Reels that appears like TikTok where users can play with a short-form video feature that many think will be a big challenge to TikTok.

The new feature lets users record videos of about 15 seconds. After they do that, they can edit the audio and also customize some other aspects of it.


How to access the Instagram Reels text-to-speech feature

The new feature is a way to give Instagram users more creative options as desired, each time they are making Reels. To access it, users will have to locate the text tool. That can be found in the Reel’s camera. This enables the text input to be read out loud as audio. The reading is done by an auto-generated voice.

This means when you have a short video to post, you can add the auto-generated voice to it, instead of your own.

To access the feature, a user will have to do the following:

  1. Open the Reels camera on the Instagram app
  2. Record a video, or pick one from the gallery
  3. Tap the text tool
  4. Tap on the text bubble and select Text-to-Speech from the three dots menu
  5. Select the right voice, or the one you like to use for it
  6. Post the finished job

Take note that you can use either the text you have typed or others that may be available on your device. Once you do the text-to-speech, it becomes audio. All you need to do is overlay the audio on the Reels clip.

How many voice options are available?

For now, the artificial voice selected will read the text available before it can be overlayed on the Reels clip. There are only two options to play with for now. Users are hoping that more voice options will soon be included. This is a new and fun-filled way of adding humor to Instagram Reels.

Origin of this Text-to-Speech feature

Instagram Adds Text To Speech And Voice Effects To Reels
Instagram Adds Text To Speech And Voice Effects To Reels

Note that TikTok is the originator of the feature. The social media giant has surpassed Google-owned YouTube and other video platforms since it started to offer the text-to-speech feature last year during the pandemic. That was a good way to survive the COVID-19 scare with humor.

For this reason, one can see many videos on TikTok with a monotone robotic voice as the narrator. You can see the feature on many trending clips on the TikTok platform.

How to access Instagram Reels Voice Effects

It is pretty much similar to when you want to have access to the text-to-speech feature. Follow the instructions next to enable the voice effects.

  1. Open the Instagram app
  2. Go to Reels camera
  3. Tap the music note so that you can open the audio mixer
  4. Tap effects
  5. Select a voice effect to modify the audio in the reel or your own voice over

For the voice effect, users can make use of five-voice effects such as Helium, Giant, Vocalist, Announcer, and Robot.


How to use Voice Effects on Instagram Reels

It is simple as making changes to your audio or another voiceover inside the Reel.

Why should you use the voice effects? One reason is that you can mask your voice if you don’t want others to hear you. That makes sense because many people dislike using their voices in public recordings. Another reason is that you needed to add more interesting hilarious voice effects to your audio.

Understanding Both Features

Some users are still confused about the new features. Here’s the best way to explain them. First, the text-to-speech feature will help you generate an audio output from a text inserted in a reel. Secondly, the audio output in this first step or another audio inside the app can be edited through the Reels voice effects, which will change the audio quality; and for this, there are five different voice effects. This is the final step before publishing your reel.

How to create voiceovers in the Instagram app

The voiceover feature makes it possible for one to record his or her voice over a fully recorded video. Instagram users are fond of making use of this to add narrative to a compilation of clips.

Personally, or business-wise, many users are fond of using this to give more explanation to content being shared. For example, when you have to showcase your company products, voiceovers are a good way to add extra information so others can get a better understanding of your brand.

Instagram Reels

Take the following steps to add Voiceovers to Reels

  1. Open the Reels maker
  2. Record your visual content, which may already have music, etc.
  3. Tap the arrow icon to continue to the editing screen
  4. Tap the microphone icon found at the top
  5. Now, tap the point in the video where you want your voiceover should start, then press and hold the red button to record a voiceover. Even if there’s music already in the reel, your voice will overlay it
  6. Tap Done when you’re finished. That will return you to the editing screen
  7. In case you want to share, tap Share To

What devices can use Text-to-Speech & Voice Effects?

The two new Instagram features are available to users that have Android or iOS devices.

Will it be embraced by other devices? We really can’t tell for now.


About Instagram Reels

Experts claim that Reels was created by Instagram in 2020 to lure away some of the massive user bases of TikTok. The app is similar to TikTop in the sense that it lets people create short videos with music that can be sent to friends on the network.

This is one way for Instagram to establish itself as a video platform. The videos created are just about 15 seconds long. These videos are also usually accompanied by filters and effects.

The two new features added to Reels will not take away any of the previous capacities. In fact, they make things better and more interesting for Instagram users.