Unmute Zoom Meetings 2021
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Zoom is a brilliant application that helps with setting up meetings online, and as you already know, this is highly vital amid the pandemic. However, you’ll be shocked to know that some Zoom users don’t know that they can easily use the unmute features on the platform.

In this tutorial, we’ll break down how you can easily mute and unmute on Zoom with your phone or tablet. This will surely be very useful for those who love to temporarily mute and unmute their microphone during a meeting, and the users who have developed the habit of muting everyone on the meeting they set up. To expatiate, see How To Unmute On Zoom During Meetings In 2021:

How To Mute And Unmute On Zoom In 2021?

  • Open your Zoom cloud meeting application.
  • Set up a meeting.
Unmute Zoom Meetings 2021
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  • Locate the microphone button. It will be seen at the left side corner of the screen.
  • Now tap the button to mute yourself from the meeting. It is visible in form of a microphone, indicated with a red cancel line.
Unmute Zoom Meetings 2021
Photo credit: alitech.com.ng
  • Once you see “Unmute,” it means you have successfully muted yourself from the meeting.
  • Now to unmute yourself back, tap the button again to be heard again.
  • Once the button starts showing “Mute,” it means you have unmuted yourself.
Unmute Zoom Meetings 2021
Photo credit: alitech.com.ng

How To Mute Yourself Automatically On Zoom In 2021?

  • Launch your Zoom application on your smartphone, tablet or personal computer.
Unmute Zoom Meetings 2021
Photo credit: alitech.com.ng
  • Locate “Settings” on the application, it’ll be visible in the menu section.
  • The settings for the zoom microphone will be seen on that page and other related settings.
    Now tick or activate the settings to mute your microphone, and this will always occur automatically anytime you join any meeting on Zoom.
Unmute Zoom Meetings 2021
Photo credit: alitech.com.ng

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How To Enable Push To Talk On Zoom Meeting In 2021?

  1. Launch your Zoom Meeting on your PC or Mac.
  2. Find “Settings”
  3. Locate the option setting for audio, and tap on it
  4. Check the option setting, and locate the Settings
  5. Check the option settings and find the setting for the “Press And Hold Space key to temporary unmute” option settings.
  6. Activate the settings by ensuring it is ticked.
    You will now be automatically unmuted and mute back whenever you lift your hand off the space key of your PC.

That is that.


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