How To Transfer Your WhatsApp Messages From iPhone To Android?


Phone users are switching from iPhone to Android phones all across the globe. Android already has more users than iPhone in continents like Asia and Europe. In America though, iOS is still number one, but American Android owners keep increasing yearly.

It will always take a while to get used to the UI and feel of a device you are not used to but there is another vital thing you need to do on your new Android phone if you really fancy WhatsApp.

You just need to save as many data as you can when the switch happens. Including your WhatsApp message history.


In this tutorial, we will highlight various ways to transfer your WhatsApp messages from iPhone to Android.

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1. How Can I Transfer WhatsApp Messages From iPhone To Android Through Email?

Even if the transfer can happen like this, it comes with its restrictions. The message will only be seen in the form of an email. The amazing part though, is that it will cost you nothing.

Adhere to these instructions to do this:

  1. Launch WhatsApp on your iPhone.
  2. Head to “Settings.”
  3. Choose “Chat Settings.”
  4. Choose a convo you wish to save. Scroll left and another menu will be displayed. Click “Export Chat.” Clips and images can also be attached to the email.
  5. Type in the email address you wish to send it to and click “Send.”
  6. Now your Android device can be used to check out these messages via the email.

2. How Can I Transfer WhatsApp Messages From iPhone To Android Through Dr. Fone?

Dr. Fone’s Fone Toolkit feature Social Application Restore for transferring messages and media from your iOS device to an Android phone can also be used. And, it can even be used to transfer messages from a mobile device to a Windows Personal Computer. It can be used to restore and ensure all WhatsApp convos and media are backed up.


To make use of this Fone Toolkit, do this:

  1. Get Dr. Fone Toolkit downloaded on your computer.
  2. As soon as download is done, open the program.
  3. Way down on your screen, close to the right, “Restore Social App” will be visible. Choose it.
  4.  At the top left corner, choose WhatsApp.
  5. Then select Transfer WhatsApp messages form the menu.
  6. Now the two smartphones have to be plugged in to your PC through USB.
  7. The software will detect your iPhone and Android.
  8. Ensure your iOS device is marked as a source, and Android, as the destination.
  9. Tap “Transfer” at the bottom right corner to start.
  10. Hold on since this will take sometime. Especially if you intend to send a huge number of media files.
  11.  You will be notified when the transfer is wrapped up.
  12. Be aware that your previous messages on the Android phone will be gone if there are any.
  13. Launch WhatsApp on your new mobile device and transfer of messages can happen.

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3. How Can I Transfer WhatsApp Messages From iPhone To Android Through BackUpTrans?

Backuptrans is an amazing tool for transferring messages and media from your soon-to-be ex iPhone to your new Android device. Transfer can be done the other way round too. Adhere to these instructions to make it happen:

  1.  Get Backuptrans downloaded on your Mac or personal computer and have it installed. Ensure iTunes is installed and updated to the most recent version.
  2. Make use of USB cables to link the 2 devices to your PC.
  3. Backuptrans will recognize them immediately.
  4. You can decide to transfer all WhatsApp messages from your iOS device to your Android phone.
  5. Locate the iPhone on the list of devices. Tap “Transfer Messages from iPhone to Android.” You can even choose this by choosing and right-tapping your iPhone and then selecting it from the menu.
  6. If you intend to transfer just a few convos, individual transfer is possible.
  7. Choose the iPhone and choose your WhatsApp contacts individually. You can right tap on the contacts and choose “Transfer Messages with this Contact to Android.”
  8. Lastly, you have to confirm transfer to your Android phone.
  9. Before you can begin to check your messages, ensure you clear your WhatsApp application data and cache. Launch WhatsApp and you will be able to view your messages transferred from your iOS device.