How to temporarily disable iMessage on iPhone or iPad


Apple’s iMessage is one of the most popular messaging platforms around, and it’s a great way for Apple to block people in their ecosystem. As iMessage may be important, there may still be times when it needs to be disabled or completed.

Some of these times could be traced to a good old-fashioned problem resolution (or maybe because you really jumped on an Android device). Whatever your reason, you will not only have to disable iMessage on your iPhone or iPad but potentially tell Apple to remove your iMessage number on the server-side as well.


It seems difficult, right? Do not worry, we’re here to help you. We remind you, before starting, to also consult the interesting guide on how to send handwritten notes with iMessage.

How to temporarily disable iMessage on your iPhone or iPad

Disabling iMessage on your iPhone or iPad is often the first step to take if you have any real problems with sending or receiving messages. A simple shutdown and then a simple restart can wake up iMessage and, even if you may not like to admit it, the old suggestion to turn off something and turn it back on still works.

To disable iMessage, go to Settings and tap “Messages“.

Complete the process of disabling iMessage by quickly pressing the switch. If you need to turn it back on, doing it is very simple just move the lever to the right until the switch is green.


How to disable iMessage permanently

If you are moving more and more away from the iPhone and want to change it and that is why you want to permanently disable iMessage, deactivating your phone number and removing the iMessage service centrally is the right way to go. To do so, visit the website and enter your phone number after selecting your country. Press “Send code” to start the process.

Apple will immediately send you a confirmation code via SMS and once arrived, simply connect it to the “Confirmation code” box before pressing “Send”.

Once you have successfully completed all these steps described above, you are 100% sure that your phone number will no longer be associated with iMessage. The SMS function will not undergo any changes and luckily it will continue to function normally as it has always done.

Disabling and temporarily disabling iMessage on iPhone or iPad is a breeze. A procedure that we are sure will not create any problem for anyone. Obviously for any difficulty please contact us by leaving a message in the appropriate message box below and we will be happy to help you.


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