How to subscribe online to SKY TV


SKY is one of the most popular TV platforms in the world for the vastness of content it is able to offer and, moreover, always proposes advantageous offers and packages that include numerous channels and services capable of meeting the tastes and needs of each subscriber. In the following steps of this guide, we will deal with how you can subscribe to Sky directly online, so comfortably from your sofa in a few simple steps! You only need to have an internet connection, a computer or a mobile device enabled for navigation, a bank account or a credit card, And that’s it! So let’s see how we must proceed.


  • PC with internet connection
  • Credit card or bank IBAN to debit invoices
  • Your personal data

First access the site https://sky.com or click here and, once on the home page, click on the box at the top ‘Buy’. A window will then open: the left part of it is dedicated to those who wish to become new customers. Then select the type of offer you are interested in, or click on ‘Subscribe online: discover offers’, in order to find out exactly which one is right for you. Selecting the item ‘online subscribers’ and clicking on the green box ‘You are not yet subscribed’, you can simply choose the options of SKY tv or SKY TV, Fastweb and unlimited calls. Now click the green box ‘discover this offer’, corresponding to your selection, and you can decide how to combine the offer package and get a quote. Choose from ‘Sky TV’, ‘Sky Family’, ‘Sky Cinema’, ‘ Sky Sports ‘and’ SKY football depending on what you like! On the right, you can check the amount of your subscription for each combination.

If you want to get more information on the SKY packages you can click on ‘discover’: this will open a window that will show you all the contents that you can have in your subscription. Now click on the packages you want to combine with your subscription and, below the decoder, the ‘my sky’ and ‘Sky go’ already included in the offer you can decide whether to enrich your subscription with ‘Sky HD’ ‘Sky 3D’ or ‘Sky. 

Multivision ‘. There are no limits to your choice! If you are satisfied with your choices and you have collected enough information, you can proceed and click on the ‘continue’ box, once again green! Always follow this color and you will never be wrong!

The last step consists of entering your personal data, then complete the mandatory fields marked with an asterisk: name and surname, telephone, email. Read and accept the privacy statement to proceed with the payment. Enter your address, bank IBAN or credit card details. Remember, to conclude, to check that everything is correct before going ahead and, if you have not made mistakes, you just need to press “Confirm and enter SKY” and you’re done: now, finally, you’re a new SKY subscriber! 

As you may have noticed, the procedure that allows you to subscribe online to Sky is really very simple and intuitive to perform, in fact just a few clicks to get all the services you want, conveniently from your PC or mobile!

Never forget:

  • By subscribing online you will get advantageous prices and a gift!

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