How To Stop Google From Saving Your Voice Recordings?

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The sad reality of a smart speaker is obvious: for the comfort that having an object to scream at that to let you know what the weather is, how traffic is outside, if the back door is locked or not e.t.c, you need to forgo your privacy to a huge corporate entity.

And then, the particular company will now channel your audible thoughts to random workers all over the globe as a form of technological enhancement, or they might simply keep an account of all the things said by you so your device can be more smart — giving you vital information and also aiding the companies to possess a complete profile of you for no specific reason at all.

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Even though we have advised Amazon owners to try to delete any saved Alexa recording all the time, and cease granting Amazon lots of access to the things you say, owners of Google’s smart devices should follow suit. Luckily, it is as simple to locate and get rid of your information from Google’s servers, and you are allowed to even stop Google from creating an archive of you to start with.

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How Can I Locate And Get Rid Of Your Google Home Voice And Audio Recordings?

Before anything else, head to Google’s “My Activity” page. If you have not accessed it before, be ready to use up some minutes to check everything you have done on Google’s services out — it is quite absorbing.

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When you are prepared to begin to delete your voice recordings, tap “Filter by date & product” below the search bar of the Bundle or Item view. Everything should be de—selected by tapping “All products,” and then swipe down and choose “Voice & Audio.” Swipe up again and tap the blue magnifying glass.

A list of everything you have voiced out to your Google Home device will now be visible.

To start deleting, just tap the triple-dot icon to the right of the search box and choose “Delete results.” And then, farewell to all the things you have said to your Google Home.

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How Can I Make Google Stop Storing Voice Records?

You can stop Google from saving records of what is said by you to your smart devices, but you will have to head to another screen to make that happen. Tap “Activity controls” on the left-most sidebar, and then swipe down a bit till “Voice & Audio Activity.” is visible.

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As for pausing Google’s collection efforts, you will be warned that proceeding will make it more difficult to offer you additional vital information. Your smart speaker might not even detect your voice.

When the pause is triggered, it will seem like anything you say to your smart speaker is not recorded and stored by Google. As you try it out, the commands given out to your Google Home might not be shown on your Activity List, but random questions can be picked up by the Google application — maybe from an Android device near you? Or because of activating and de—activating feature quickly.

It is still not very clear, so ensure you examine your activity log once in a while should in case your speaker, your mobile device, or anything else records your voice requests. If you discover that whenever you search for voice and audio activity, the result is empty, try to reduce how much you check from now on.

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