How to solve problems with Instagram Stories


If you are one of those users who always use Instagram to see the stories of their friends, you’ll probably want to know what to do when Instagram Stories doesn’t load on your Android or iPhone, a small problem that has a couple of very simple solutions.

Instagram is one of the platforms that have more active users per month. Thanks to this platform, many people communicate with others via private messages, because thanks to this instant messaging, users can communicate with each other quickly, free of charge and privately via their mobile phones and PCs.

But undoubtedly, one of the most used elements by most users is 24-hour stories. This ephemeral content allows you to post photos or videos that disappear every day.


Updates and high traffic can sometimes cause upload errors; sometimes, they can also be the product of a bug produced by a new version or an error that creates the network of the same mobile device.

Are you having trouble trying to access other users’ stories or even problems posting your stories via the Instagram app? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one, and maybe we have the solution to the kind of problem you’re encountering. Discover all the possible issues and solutions for which your stories do not load.

Problems with Instagram Stories? Here are all the suggestions for solving uploads and more

The stories of Instagram can sometimes display the message “Unable to upload” when it fails to publish the post. Several reasons can cause the error, and not being able to publish photos and videos can be very irritating to users.

Clear your Instagram cache to solve problems with stories

One of the things we can do to check if the stories are working properly again is to clear the Instagram cache. Depending on the phone model, the steps may vary slightly, but will generally follow an order similar to the following:

  • phone settings
  • applications
  • Search Instagram
  • Clear cache memory

Correct the formatting

Instagram has restrictions for videos published on Stories. The file must have a maximum of 15 MB and preferably be in MP4. The .MOV format is not supported by the application. The recording must also be up to 60 seconds long, 1080 pixels maximum width, and 30 frames per second or less. Make sure your video complies with these conditions before trying to upload again.

Conditions of use

Even content that violates the terms of use of Instagram cannot be uploaded. If the video you are trying to publish has s3x, nudity, or violence, it is possible that the app identifies the nature of the image before it even appears.

Other violations of the terms may result in the deletion of the history, and also the account, after publication. These include posts with harassment and libel to third parties, violation of privacy, incitement to hatred or lack of respect for the right to image.

Unstable connection

One of the most common problems, when our stories are not loaded, is a connection error. Whether it’s an unstable, slow or even inactive connection. Sometimes vendor problems can affect our connectivity even when we’re online, like DNS errors, among others.

To resolve this problem, try restarting the Wi-Fi connection if it is active. If you use mobile data, disable them, and reactivate them for a moment. Another more practical way to restart all connection features is to enable airplane mode and then disable it.


Internet connection

It may seem like the most obvious advice in the world, but sometimes the mobile Internet data package ends, and the user does not notice it. If this happens and you are without Wi-Fi, obviously the video will give an error when it is loaded. Make sure your mobile data is enabled on Android or iPhone.

Restart the application

Restarting a program is a cliché as well as a valid option to correct strange operational problems. This applies to your computer, your phone, and even your apps. You can close Instagram on the iPhone by swiping the screen to the left, or on Android, forcing the application to stop.

Then reopen Instagram and try to publish Stories. If it continues to load giving an error, turn the smartphone off and on and repeat the test.

Uninstall and install Instagram to solve problems with stories

Another option we have is to uninstall and reinstall the application to see if this resolves these kinds of problems. To do this, all you need to do is delete the app and download it again from the application center.

Put your credentials back

Another alternative is that the application has some synchronization errors, in which case the ideal is to close the Instagram session and re-enter with the user and password, in this way the credentials are updated and you can then review the content. A trick that sometimes works when the stories don’t load, and it’s easy to do.

Instagram obsolete

Another common problem that can cause your stories to fail to load is a version error. That is, your Instagram application is obsolete. Don’t worry, the procedure to update any of your applications is simple. For iOS devices, this can be done in the App Store. On Android, open Google Play and then slide the screen from left to right.

In the new window that appears, tap My apps. Then a window will open with all the applications that need to be updated. If Instagram is on the list, press Refresh, and waits for the smartphone to do the rest. Remember, you must be connected to the Internet to update applications.

Set the date and time of the device

This may seem strange, but it is one of the possible reasons why your stories are not being uploaded. Make sure your smartphone’s date and time are correct and preferably updated automatically. This error is standard, especially when we travel and access the Internet through different IPs.


To check it, on iPhone or iPad go to Settings, then tap General and select Date and time. Here, make sure the automatic configuration option is active.

On Android, the procedure is similar. Go to Settings, find the Date and Time option, and also activate the automatic adjustment option.

Report a problem

If none of the solutions still work and your stories don’t load, this time you can use the Instagram support center and look for your mistake. If you can’t find it, you can also report a problem through the app itself.