How To Share Data Between Subscribers: MTN, 9Mobile, Glo And Airtel Data Plans


You can now easily share data from your Smartphone to someone else’s Smartphone. Maybe to a friend, family member or loved.

Before now, the only way to share your data with someone was to get in close proximity and turn on your android hotspot. The person now has to turn on his or her WiFi to connect to the hotspot. Although this is a very good way to share your data to a friend. There are so many problems associated with it.


Share data

First, your phone might get hot and battery will start draining fast. Secondly, the person has to be close to you at all times to be able to use your data. All these are probably why these network providers felt it was best to bring out a way to efficiently share data between subscribers. Each network provider has a twist to theirs and we will be looking at all of them. And also how to go about them in this article.

How To Share Data Between Subscribers: MTN, 9Mobile, Glo And Airtel Data Plans


You must be on a monthly subscription for you to be able to share data.

● Dial * 777# and Select Buy Data.

● Now Choose Share Plan.

● Select Share and Input Recipient Number and Send.

● Wait for the confirmation message.

When the confirmation message arrives then you’ve successfully added that number to be able to use your data. All the person has to do is turn on data connection on their phone and browse using your own data. Alternatively, you can follow the steps below:

● Visit The Glo Self Care Portal. (

● Click On The Share It Icon.

● Enter the Number Of The Recipient in the box and Click on the + Icon.

● That’s it. You’ve successfully shared your data with that phone number. Now that number can browse with your existing data balance.


On Airtel, you will have to transfer the data to the Recipient’s phone and there is a catch. You will have to pay N100 for the transfer and you can only transfer 10MB, 25MB or 60MB. Expensive right ? I know.

● To Transfer 10mb – Dial * 141* 712* 11* Recipient’s Number#

● In Order To Transfer 25mb, Dial * 141* 712* 9* Recipient’s Number#

● To Transfer 60mb, Dial * 141* 712* 4* Recipient’s Number#


Before you can share data on MTN, you will first have to activate the MTN data share. To activate, Dial * 131* 2* 1# or send or text REG To 131. You should receive a security PIN almost immediately. If you want, you can change the PIN by dialing * 131* 2* 5# or text “Old PIN New PIN New PIN” to 131. E.g 0000 1234 1234 to 131.

After changing the then Dial * 131* 2* 3# and follow the instructions to add a number to your MTN data share. Alternatively, you can text “Add Recipient Number PIN” to 131. E.g Add 08030100101 1234 to 131. You can only add 5 numbers to you MTN Data Share.


Now that you’ve added the number, you can now Dial * 131* 2* 4# and follow the instructions to share your data. Or simply text “Share PIN” to 131. E.g Share 1234 to 131. Then follow the instructions.


9mobile data share is pretty straightforward. Just Dial * 299* PIN* Data Volume* Recipient Number#. Default PIN is 0000 so E.g * 229* 0000* 50* 08180100101#.

You can only send between 10MB to 50MB of data per transaction with a limit of just 5 times a day. Provided you have a minimum data balance of more than 100MB.


No doubt that Glo’s data share is the best among them. You don’t have to share a certain MB or get charged for the service. Just add a number and the number Start using your data until you unshare the person’s number from your data plan. Even when you exhaust your data and resubscribe, the added number can still use your new data plan on the Glo network.

Let us know in the comment section which of these network data share service you plan on using.


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