How to send money to friends and family with PayPal

Do you pay for sending money with PayPal? If we are talking about sending money for the payment of goods and services, then the answer is yes, PayPal requires a commission of 3, 4% + 0.35 euros per payment received. If, on the other hand, receiving money is with friends and family, sending money via bank account or Paypal balance is free.

By opening a PayPal account it is possible to transfer or exchange money with your friends or relatives for free, in these guides, we will see the steps on how to send money to friends and relatives with PayPal.

If your friend has booked the holiday or rented an apartment and you have to pay him back without incurring expenses, then you are in the right place at the right time. With PayPal, you can divide the bill of a dinner or participate in a group gift by sending money with a simple click.

Sending money in euros with PayPal is free within the European Union. To receive money, the recipient must have a PayPal account that he can open simply by creating a PayPal account from the official page of the service and clicking on Register and Continue to then enter the following data- Name, Surname, Email address, and Password. On the new page, you must specify the fields- Address, Postcode, City, Province, Date of birth, and Mobile number and click on the button- Accept and create an account.

How to send money to friends with PayPal

If you need to return money to a friend who has anticipated it, the PayPal Send Money option is definitely the fastest and most free payment method you can find on the Web. The transaction is done by entering the amount you want to send, and then choose how you want to pay with and immediately confirm the operation.

But let’s see in detail the steps to send money with PayPal to a friend both from PC and from smartphone and tablet.

  • After logging in to PayPal with your credentials, from the Home click on the Send Money icon in the Quick Links box.
  • On smartphones and tablets the quick link buttons ( Send and Request ) are at the bottom. 
  • On the Send screen, specify the recipient’s email address in the Send money field and then press the Next button.
  • Specify the amount and currency you intend to send and write a short description, just below the amount, to indicate the reason for the payment. Then press the Continue button.
  • On the following page- Reason for payment, presses on Sending money to a friend. The choice of this option anticipates that no fee is required if you use the bank account and the balance to send money to friends and family within the European Union.
  • If you are transferring money abroad, a currency conversion fee may apply, as well as a commission from your bank.
  • Select in How do you want to pay? the payment method and click on Next.
  • Press the Send money now button and wait for the outcome of the operation.

A final message will warn you of the outcome of the operation.

How to receive money from friends via PayPal

In addition to sending money with PayPal, you can also receive money from friends or relatives. In that case, all you have to do is provide him with your email address associated with PayPal and specify to choose the option described in the previous paragraph- Send money.

If you then intend to send a reminder to all your friends involved in the collection, select the Request money option, in Quick Links of the Home, and enter the email address or email addresses (maximum 20) of the recipients and then press the Next button.

On the next page, specify the amount of the amount you are collecting for each recipient individually and enter the reason for the request. For example “Gift for Samuel“, etc. 

Click on the Request money button to complete the transaction.

The recipients involved will receive an e-mail with all the information to send you the money.

How to receive money from friends via


Another valid solution for receiving money is It is a personalized link that you can share with anyone you want, via email, instant messaging, and more. Those who access this link can send you money with a simple click.

It is another convenient system to collect money quickly that you can generate by going to the website and then clicking on the Create your link button. A new window will open where you can create a profile and customize your link specifying the reason why you will use it.

Press on Start Now, upload a photo, pressing on Add Photo, and create an easy-to-remember link to share it and receive payments.

With all transactions with friends and relatives will be free of charge except for payments received for online sales of goods.

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