How To Secure Your 2019 Jamb Admission Letter

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Over the years, many students claim to be in school, extorting money from their parents or guidance on the bases that they are in higher institution studying a course best known to them, fact still remains that many parents or guidance has fallen victims to such fraud, to them they thinks that their child is truly in school, some parents even brag about it, telling their loved ones that their son or daughter is in university, the most annoying part of it all is that, some poor parents sell their valuable properties just to make sure that they train their children to school without knowing that it is a pure scam.

One thing is certain, someone can comfortably say that he/ she has gotten admission, there should be a proof for it. How do I mean? Proof that guarantees the admission of the candidate is “jamb admission letter” and also in accordance with “school admission letter”. But most especially” jamb admission letter”.

Recently, we discovered that a lot of desperate citizens that want to extort money from their parents all in the name of schooling, can fake both jamb admission letter and also school admission letter, so if you are not careful enough, you might think that it is indeed a real jamb admission letter or school admission letter. Below are some tips that will help you discover a real jamb admission letter

Real jamb admission letter.

  • It must be gotten from your jamb e-Facility account and nowhere else
  • You must make a payment of 1000 Naira before it will be released to you
  • Immediately you make the payment, jamb will forward a notification down to your mailbox. Check your inbox if you will see the notification of the payment
  • Original Jamb admission letter is always on six( 6) pages, but you are required to have two copies, “candidate use” and “institution use” which you will see on page 3 and 5.
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If any of the above is not done have in mind that what you or your child has is a fake jamb admission letter. Note: Make sure you check your admission status first, to confirm truly if you have an admission before you proceed to make a payment because you might realize that you don’t have an admission after making the payment and by then the money you paid will now be a waste.

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To secure a jamb admission letter for this upcoming 2019 admission, follow these preceding steps:

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Step 1: log in to your jamb e-Facility account using your jamb email address and password

Step 2: Once you are logged in, you will be taken to a landing page where you will see all available services.

Step 3. Click on “Admission letter” you will see it at the sidebar of the home page

Step 4: At this point, you will be directed to make a payment, either using your debit card or bank.

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Step 5: Once the payment is made, go to “my payment” on the home page, at the right-hand side of that payment you made you will see a place written “get status” click on it, and then tap the continue button.

Step 5: Once the payment is made you will be required to answer questions like your “exam year” and “jamb registration number”

Step 7: After entering the information correctly you can now proceed to print your jamb admission letter.

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