How to Retrieve and Watch Deleted YouTube Videos


You may be asking: Why would anyone want to watch a deleted YouTube video? It is for the same reason anyone would love to see a very interesting video that almost everyone online is talking about but when he or she heads over to YouTube, the video has been deleted either by the user or by YouTube itself.

What is YouTube?

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It is an excellent streaming platform owned by Google. Almost everyone living on this planet has heard of YouTube because, in many countries, it is the second most popular website other than Google.

The platform has over five billion uploaded videos and has billions of daily visitors who come over to watch interesting and trending videos. Most of the time, a visitor can watch a video for free because YouTube is free.

YouTube Tutorials
YouTube Tutorials

If you’re registered, you can watch videos and make comments below them. You could even become popular when you make interesting comments. If you register, you can create channels, upload videos on the channel, and have sole rights on those videos.

Money can be made from the videos uploaded on a channel if the channel becomes eligible for monetization on YouTube. There is a team that verifies that all videos uploaded are not pornographic.

YouTube grew through constant video sharing on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and more. Other means by which people promote videos are through e-mails and other paid options.

Is it challenging to watch deleted videos on YouTube?

Many people have given thought to watch a deleted video but once it is deleted, they don’t even think about trying to bring it back. If one has a channel on YouTube a video is deleted, YouTube warns that the video is gone forever. So, the method of watching deleted YouTube videos is daunting to those who don’t have the know-how.

In this article, we are showing in three ways how you can retrieve your beloved video and watch it again if it was deleted on YouTube. Here are three main methods. It is best that you stick to making use of one at a time. If you think the method you chose at first was not working, then move on to a second method. Using any of the given methods below ensures that you have the grace of watching the video you revive as many times as possible. Just ensure you quickly save the video once you have accessed it. Save it on your device or on the cloud so you can watch it again and again at your convenience.

The Internet Archive Wayback Machine
The Internet Archive Wayback Machine
  1. Use Internet Archive to restore the video

This is the first method we will discuss but that’s not to say that it is the best method. Internet Archive is a non-profit library offering a gigantic variety of content to people worldwide for free. It offers millions of videos, ebooks, documentaries, music, e-books, etc. On this platform, you can find any deleted YouTube video. However, to retrieve a particular video, you need to get the URL of the video from YouTube. It means that for this method to succeed, you need to head back to YouTube and find that video.

Deleted Video 1
Deleted Video

This could mean that when you get to YouTube, you need to sign in to your account to get the deleted video URL. Use the search box at the top to find the deleted video if needed. Other ways to see the video on YouTube may be through your liked, playlist, or watched videos. If you are there on one of the three, you will see the words “deleted video”. Click on it so the URL can appear at the top of the browser page. Copy that and head back to Internet Archive.

Deleted Video 2
Internet Archive
Deleted Video 3
Internet Archive Page (Right-click on the date in green to download the deleted video)

On the Internet Archive website, you will see “Waybackmachine” in an empty window. Paste the copied URL inside the box and tap the “Enter” key on your laptop. The platform will do the search and bring the date it was uploaded on YouTube. If a date is covered in green, it means the video was archived. If it was covered in orange, then the archive was not done. So, you will need to make use of the second option below.

Deleted Video 01
Sample deleted video: You can’t play the video here. It has to be downloaded

You can right-click on the date to download the video. Though you can see the page of the video, you can’t play it on the page unless you download it. Once downloaded, you are free to watch it.

Google Logo
Google Logo
  1. Use a search engine (Google)

It is not as if Google is the only Search Engine on the internet. There are so many of them that one will be amazed if we try to count. However, Google is the biggest, most active, and most popular Search Engine worldwide.

Deleted Video 6
Deleted Video: Google search it

So, if you’re making use of this method, and if you’re like me, I guess you’ll give Google a chance to do this first. Google search is very efficient, even more than Bing, or Yahoo. But the most powerful reason because it owns YouTube. Another advantage of using Google is that you can use keywords to search for the video if you can’t find it. So, Let’s start.

Launch Google from your laptop. Basically, a laptop is the best to do this. Enter site:www.youtube.com + name of the deleted YouTube video. This has to be placed on the search box. Next, click search.

Deleted Video 6
Google method

As usual, Google will display ten or more relevant results. Can you locate the video? If you can’t it means it was not indexed by Google. If you see it, just copy the URL and place it in the Internet Archive and do what you did in the first option above.

  1. Use the Recovery tool (EaseUS)

This step involves making use of a data recovery tool, and it is suitable for people who have uploaded the videos themselves before it was deleted. The recovery tool we recommend is the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. You must have it already downloaded on your laptop to make use of it.

Delete Video Easeus
Deleted Video Easeus
Delete Video Easeus 2
Search Deleted Video Easeus
Delete Video Easeus 3
Deleted Video Easeus

This tool will search your PC drive location where the video you once uploaded on YouTube was saved. Once you click on “scan” on the software, it starts searching your storage device.

Recover Video
Recover Video

Once the scan is done, choose the “Filter” icon on the dropdown menu and double-click on videos to preview it. You can scroll through the results shown below and once you see the deleted video, click on it and click the “recover” in a blue box below.


These are the various ways you can recover a deleted YouTube video. If one method doesn’t work for you, definitely, another method may work, so try all three if they apply. Remember, the third method is only applicable if the deleted video was once downloaded on your PC.

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