How to put Spotify music on Discord and share it


Are you ready to listen to your favorite music and share it on Discord and don’t know how to do it? Do not worry! In this article, we will talk about the step by step you need to take to connect your Spotify account to the platform.

This will allow you to

share your music with groups and contacts, but you will need to pay attention to every step of the setup, so you don’t make mistakes. Finally, you will find all the information you need about the best Discord music bots if you don’t have a Spotify account.

Discord is a real-time VoIP gaming voice chat software; the initial version was developed in March 2015. Gamers mainly use discord to chat via text, voice, and video while playing games.

Discord has been in existence for three years; it has already amassed nearly 200 million registered users. There are reportedly 19 million daily activity users and a maximum number of 8.2 million online players on Discord; 530 million messages are sent every day.

Would you like to listen to your Spotify music while playing and share it with friends on a Discord app channel? Good news, now Spotify allows you to connect directly with the Discord application to enjoy the songs while playing; this article teaches you how to share and play Spotify music on your Discord.

Find out step by step how to connect your Spotify account on Discord and share your music with groups and contacts.

We will explain how to put Spotify music on Discord and link both accounts so that the rest of the users of your servers can know what you are listening to at all times. To share music on Discord, you sometimes have to resort to more complicated bots and methods, but everything becomes a little easier if you have a Spotify account.

The first thing to do is to access the browser and type in the URL address bar https://discord.com/. This will allow you to log into your account with a username and password. You can also do it from the official app.

If you already have your account open on the Spotify music streaming platform, the process will be more straightforward. What you will need to do is go to https://accounts.spotify.com/it/login and log in. If you don’t have an account, you need to click Register to get one and then continue with the same steps. Note that the session must run on the same device that you logged into Discord with.

To share music on a Discord channel, you will need the link to the specific song you want to share. For this, go to Spotify and click on the button with the three dots to the right of the title of the song you want to share. This three-dot icon will appear when you hover over it.

When you press the button, a menu will appear with options for interacting with the song. In this menu, choose the Share option and, within the submenu that will show you, click the Copy link to the song option. This is the link that leads directly to the song you have chosen.

Now, paste and post the link to the song on the Discord channel. After a couple of seconds of processing, a player with the song data will appear. With this method, the only downside is that you will only share a song’s demo snippet, although users can use the link to open it in full.

Link your Spotify account to your Discord profile

If you want to link your Spotify account to your Discord profile so that others know what you are listening to, go to the bottom of the Discord application and click on the gear icon to the right of your name in the profile. When you do, you will enter the User Settings.

In these settings, you will be able to change many things related to your user in Discord, from the applications associated with your profile name. For what we want to do today, click on the

Connections option that appears in fourth place.

A window will open where you can link other accounts to Discord to unlock special integrations and options in the app. Here, click on the Spotify icon to start the process of linking both accounts.

A tab will open in your browser asking you to give Discord permission to access your data, such as your account details, your business, or the power to take action on your behalf. Press the Accept button to accept everything because if you don’t, you won’t be able to move on.

In a few seconds, both accounts will be linked, and you will be able to return to the Discord window. Here, you will see that you already have two linked accounts in the Connections settings, and you can activate or deactivate two different integrations. The first allows you to make a tab with what you are listening to appear in your profile, and the second makes it so that in the list of users, in the state of your name, it seems that you are listening to Spotify.

If anyone looks at the user list, they will now know that you are listening to Spotify. Plus, if they click on your username and log into your profile, they’ll also see what song you’re listening to, the album and artist, and also what minute of playback you’re in. They will also see a button to open your song on their Spotify and listen to it with you.

List of the best Discord music bots if you don’t have a Spotify account

Below we will show you the best music robots you can use on Discord if you don’t want to open an account on Spotify.


Many users agree that Groovy is one of the most versatile bots that can be used on Discord. It is characterized by being stable, and its songs do not have the delay that can be seen in other robots. Along with this, it is easy to link to multiple media, such as YouTube and Spotify.

Another advantage is its simple menu when performing actions, without forgetting that it is a service with multiple free features. You can listen to your favorite songs in the best quality. Obviously, if you go to its premium mode, the functions increase. For example, you can add sound effects, save libraries and use it without a time limit.


If you didn’t like something from Groovy, you could choose Rythm; its advantage as far as playback is concerned is that it can be used without problems in the vocal channels. With the Play, Search commands, you can easily search, play and view the next songs. With this bot, you will add songs from many media without much effort.

Your SoundCloud, Twitch, and YouTube music will be on your servers without any problems. Forming playback queues and seeing song lyrics are some of the most useful features; for this, you will have to go to the voice channel, search for a song with the corresponding command, and that’s it.



Fredboat is currently used on more than 61,000 discord servers. It is ideal for intuitively integrating music. It offers a lot of ideas that you can use with its commands and settings. The best thing about this robot is that it is compatible with direct streaming broadcasts. It is free and also allows you to find a song by simply searching for it while connected.


Thanks to Ayana, you can add playlists to your channel from various media. But that’s not all; Ayana allows you to add other functions that will help you manage permissions and commands. Reaction images and funny commands are popular on this bot. It is one of the most outstanding alternatives if you are looking to interact with your community while listening to music. Furthermore, it is a means by which you can change the language at any time to be compatible with all members.


If you don’t care about payment options, Vexera will do it for you; this bot is easy to add to any Discord server. While it has some free features, the most important ones require payment. According to its developers, it is already present in more than 300,000 servers on this platform.

With the paid version, you can play, pause and automatically adjust the volume. It also contains greetings and welcome messages to your channel members. On their website, you can find a section with all the commands to familiarize yourself with their use.

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