How To Prevent Google From Collecting Your Information?

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Google knows more about you than you can ever imagine.

You will be surprised when you find out the amount of information it saves about your location, even if that can be de—activated. But there is more, plus all the things you have searched for, all the YouTube video you have ever viewed, your voice recordings, the PCs and mobile devices you use to make use of Google and so on.

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Google possesses a tool that allows you to view the information it is collecting, plus it makes it simple to de-activate its collection of these types of secret information. It also allows you get rid of that information one by one.

Do not forget that disabling these things can hinder your experience. If Google had no clue about the YouTube videos you viewed, for instance, it will have no idea how to recommend clips that are identical to the one you fancy. If it has no idea about your location, you might find it difficult to make use of Google Maps features the right way. If you do not share your voice, Google Home or the Google Assistant is not always responsive whenever you wish it to.

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How Can I Use Google’s Privacy Checkup Tool?

  1. Before anything else, head to This is the main page where you work will be done form in this tutorial.
  2. If you are yet to do it, get yourself logged into your Google account.
  3. Now go through every category, like Web & App Activity, YouTube Search History and Location History.
  4. Tap “Manage” under every one to view how Google uses your information, and disable the sections you do not wish to be collected.
  5. After that, choose the section with the name “Make ads more relevant to you.”
  6. Disable “Ad personalization.” Meaning, Google will not target advertisements according to the interests it realizes you have as regards making use of alternative tools, like Search or YouTube.
  7. Click “Control what others see about you.”
  8. Tap “Edit your shared endorsement setting,” and disable it. This will stop your reviews locations like restaurants or applications from showing in the Google Play Store or Google Maps.
  9. At this point, click “Help people connect with you.” This can be left activated because you might fancy people searching for you via video chat and other Google applications, but you can also disable this here.
  10. Now select “Manage your Google Photo settings.” You will be able to disable Google’s ability to detect your face. This can be used if pictures are snapped of you by some people and uploaded to Google Photos, which can automatically detect friends and family and even aid the creation of albums. If you do not like people doing this, disable it. Simply leave it enabled if you fancy it.
  11. Tap “Manage what you share on YouTube.” You might wish to disable everything if you want others to view your playlists anytime you like or dislike a clip.
  12. Lastly, head to This allows you de-activate information Google collects about how you can make use of its services, like YouTube search history, voice information, your location and so on. You can leave it activated if you test Google services regularly and fancy the recommendations, but ensure they are disabled if you are a fan of privacy.
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You are done. As soon as you wrap up adhering to the instructions above, you just performed most of the management needed to prevent Google from collecting some of the data that can be accessed while you make use of its services.

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