How to Overcome HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden on IDM Easily!


IDM users who are having problems can’t download because HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden error appears? Do not worry buddy, you can try the solution how to overcome http/1.1 403 forbidden on IDM which we will review below.

Who does not know Internet Download Manager (IDM)? Maybe most people are very familiar with this software, yes. Internet Download Manager or commonly abbreviated as IDM is a software that helps users in terms of speeding up file downloads even the speed is very different compared to downloading without using it. So with IDM, many users are helped to download very large files effectively and efficiently.


How IDM works itself is quite simple. Well, according to Winpoin.com, when users download files via IDM, IDM will test whether the server supports Multiple File Stream connections for one IP. If it turns out to be supported, then IDM will make a request to the server and will get the Byte Stream details of the file that the user wants to download.

Therefore IDM will make 8 connection requests to the server at the same time using Threads. Each thread will make a request to download a file with a different Byte Stream beginning.

It is assumed that if the file has a size of 8000 bytes, then IDM will send a request for 8 connections to download the file with different starting bytes.

  • Request 1, initial byte = 0. Downloaded bytes: 0 – 999
  • Request 2, initial bytes = 1000. Bytes downloaded: 0 – 1999
  • Request 3, initial bytes = 2000. Bytes downloaded: 0 – 2999
  • Request 4, initial bytes = 3000. Bytes downloaded: 0 – 3999
  • Request 5, initial bytes = 4000. Bytes downloaded: 0 – 4999
  • Request 6, initial bytes = 5000. Bytes downloaded: 0 – 5999
  • Request 7, initial bytes = 6000. Bytes downloaded: 0 – 6999
  • Request 8, initial bytes = 7000. Bytes downloaded: 0 – 8000

Because it performs 8 download requests to the same file simultaneously with different starting bytes, the server provides its own bandwidth allocation for each connection.

Therefore, the results of the download process itself can run faster than downloading via one connection. Fractions of files that have been downloaded will be combined again into one complete file when the download process is complete. That’s roughly how it works.

However, IDM users sometimes complain because they have problems with their IDM, one of which is the HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden constraint so that it will interfere with the download.

What Causes HTTP/1.1.403 Error on IDM?

Access Rights Permission

This one cause is trivial but many users experience, now this problem usually occurs because the download web server does not give permission to download files using IDM

Using IDM Old Version

Older versions of IDM usually still have bugs. Users who don’t update IDM may get this kind of problem because it hasn’t been fixed yet.

Fake Serial Number

This usually happens for users who use fake serial numbers aka serial numbers that are not officially licensed, so that in some cases there will be problems with IDM in the future.

Unsafe Source

You need to know, that files on the internet have many types of formats. However, IDM is enough to filter the file type. If it is deemed unsafe or a virus has been identified, then IDM will automatically not allow it to download.


How to solve HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden IDM?

Here we will share several ways to overcome this problem, my friend can try these ways until it works:

Repair Windows Registry

How to Overcome HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden In the first IDM, you can try how to repair the windows registry. Please note, the Registry is a component that is quite important on the Windows system. Registry can be an obstacle and affect IDM, if the registry is damaged/corrupt

. Therefore, my friend can repair or repair it. Here are the steps:

  • First, you can use a cleaning application. Here we use CCleaner.
  • If it has been downloaded, my friend can open and run the CCleaner application
  • When CCleaner appears, you can enter the Registry menu.
  • Then my friend can click the ” Scan For Issues” option.
  • Later CCleaner will detect a list of damaged registry.
  • Now here, my friend can click ” Fix selected Issues”
  • After that a pop up will appear or the message “ Do you want to backup the registry before making changes? “, here you can choose Yes/NO. It’s up to you buddy.
  • Finally, you just need to click “Fix All Selected Issues”
  • Wait until the process is complete, and your registry has been repaired or repaired.

Clearing Cache Files on Computer

Sometimes the cache files on the computer are very large and most of them are garbage or unused. Now, this can also affect the course of IDM downloads. Then how to delete it? Here are the steps:

  • First, please, my friend, press the “Windows + R” key combination on the keyboard
  • Then the RUN tab will appear. In that tab, you can type %temp%
  • Then you can click Enter
  • Please block all folders by pressing CTRL + A
  • Next, my friend can press “Shift + Delete” which serves to permanently delete the cache file.
  • Finally, please click OK
  • Wait until the deletion process is successful

Note: if there is a “File in Use” notification, my friend can just continue by pressing ” Skip”.

Change to Online Video Downloader Site Link

How to Overcome HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden In other IDM, you can use an online video downloader. Now, if an error message appears when you download a YouTube video, then you can convert the link from YouTube to a downloader site link. In this way, the IDM download server that was originally from YouTube will turn into a server on the online downloader site.

The following downloader sites that we recommend for friends can convert YouTube videos online :

  • Onlinevideoconverter.com
  • YTD Video Downloader (Application)
  • keepv.id
  • id.savefrom.net

Try Using Several Different Browsers

How to Overcome HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden In IDM, what you can try next is to use another browser. Why is that? IDM errors can occur because the browser you are using has a problem, so it doesn’t allow file downloads. Well, my friend can try several browsers, as for the browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Baidu Browser, Microsoft Edge, Opera Mini, Firefox Focus, Dolphin, UC Browser, and so on.


IDM updates

Of course, you have to update IDM to the latest version. Why? because IDM, which often has forbidden problems, can be caused because you are using an old version of IDM. IDM developers themselves always fix and fix bugs so that previous errors and problems can be overcome.

Please friends to update the IDM so that the 403 Forbidden problem can be resolved.

The final word

Above is how to overcome HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden on IDM that you can follow. Please try it! If my friend is successful or there is another way, please share by commenting below. Ok, good luck!