How To Order A Lyft For Someone Else In The Lyft App?

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Popular car riding service, Lyft has simplified the process of calling rides from several cities in North America. You can now request a ride for a close friend, colleague, or sibling. They just have to be 18 and above.

To call a Lyft for a family member who does not have the application installed on his or her phone, or to call a ride for a romantic date, it can be done smoothly with just a few clicks on your Android or iPhone device. Let’s expatiate:

How Can I Order A Lyft For Somebody Else?

  • Open the Lyft app on your phone.
  • Enter the destination, or search for it way down on your screen.
  • After that, see to it that the pick-up location is your pal or family member’s present location – not your own. This could mean getting rid of the “present location” Lyft picks up using your device’s GPS, and manually entering their preferred pick-up spot.
  • After typing in your friend’s preferred pick-up location and destination, select the type of Lyft you want, and then click “Select Lyft.”
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  • The next page will need your confirmation of the pick-up location. Users might see a notification at the top of the screen informing you that the pick-up location is not close to your present location.
  • Just under the pick-up destination, click “Add a note for driver”
  • In the pop-up, include a short note by choosing “You’ll be picking up…” and a brief description of your friend and their name.
  • After adding a note with your friend’s name and/or description, click “Add note for driver.”
  • After that, click “Confirm pickup.”
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  • Take care of the payment for the ride.
  •  Immediately the driver is assigned to the ride, you can reach out to the driver to inform him that he or she will be picking somebody else.

More About Lyft

Lyft, Inc. is a transportation network company (TNC) based in San Francisco, California and operating in 640 cities in the United States and 9 cities in Canada. It develops, markets, and operates the Lyft mobile app, offering car rides, scooters, and a bicycle-sharing system. Lyft is the second-largest TNC with a 28% market share in the United States, according to Second Measure. Most jurisdictions regulate TNCs and TNCs are banned from operating in some jurisdictions. For more information, see Legality of TNCs by jurisdiction.


Riders must download the Lyft mobile app to their iOS or Android-based phone, sign up, enter a valid phone number, and enter a valid form of payment (either a credit card, or link to an Apple Pay, Google Wallet, or PayPal account). Once the trip is completed, funds are debited from the funding source.

After a ride is completed, drivers and passengers are given the opportunity to rate each other on a scale of one to five stars. Any driver averaging a low rating by a passenger will not be matched with that passenger again. Lyft does not allow passengers to know their rating. The ratings establish the reputations of both drivers and passengers within the network.

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