How to manage multiple Browser Tabs


If you are a regular user of internet browsers, you must have at one time or still have more tabs than you can count opened all at once on your computer browser. I can bet that you don’t even remember what some of those tabs are about, when or why you opened them.

Having too many tabs opened on your browser at the same time can be a burden on the CPU of your computer and can also affect your browser’s speed. Too many tabs can also be overwhelming to manage-searching between tabs looking for just one tab.

In this article, we will discuss useful tips that will help you manage multiple tabs and avoid getting lost in a sea of endless tabs in your browser.

  • Pin important tabs

Even with multiple tabs opened on your browser, there are still a few once that are the most important among the many tabs. A simple solution is to pin the most important tab in your browser. When you pin a tab, it moves to the top-left corner of your browser. That way, you won’t get lost navigating through tabs looking for a single tab.

Note that you can pin as many tabs as you want. Simply right-click on the tab you want to pin and select “pin tab”.

  • Drag and Drop

This is another technique that works perfectly. Most browsers allow you to drag and drop tabs to the left or the right side of your browser. To effectively manage your tabs, you can drag the important tabs to the left or to the right side of your browser, this is to help you easily access the most important tabs you need to work with. To do this, just left-click on the tab and drag to your preferred side.

  • Open tab in a new window

If you work a lot on your browser, another technique that can be effective is to open tab in a new window. Depending on the project you are working on, you can open a tab in a new window for different projects. You can also drag existing tabs to new windows.

  • Make use of Extensions

The built-in tab management tools for most browsers are great, a third-party extension can do a far better job in managing multiple tabs. Great Extensions you should consider includes; OneTab, TooManyTabs, Tab Outliner, etc.

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