How To Link 7 SIM Cards With One NIN Via The NIMC Mobile App

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NIN registration is very much on and I’m sure several Nigerians must’ve registered by now. Luckily for you, if you own more than 4 SIM cards, it is possible to link them all together seamlessly with one NIN number using the NIMC application.

If you are not aware, with the NIMC app, you can actually link up to 7 phone numbers whenever you want, and the process is not complicated in any way. It is also vital to know that without your NIN, you can use the app to do anything else that will benefit you and your status as a Nigerian citizen.

The National Identification Number (NIN) is simply the government’s way of establishing the identity of all Nigerians, and citizens have been warned to update their details or risk blocking of their lines. The old deadline to get this done was 19 January 2020, but because of the coronavirus pandemic, it has since been shifted to 9 February 2021. See How To Link Seven SIM Cards With One NIN Via The NIMC Mobile App:

Link SIM Cards NIN NIMC Mobile App
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How Can I Link Seven SIM Cards With One NIN Via The NIMC Mobile App?

  1. If the NIMC application has been downloaded on your mobile device, get yourself logged in with your 6-digit PIN.
  2. If you don’t have the app, head to the Play Store to download it for Android phones, or the App Store if you own an iPhone, and get yourself registered.
  3. As soon as you are logged in, and your user ID can be seen, just tap “My Devices.”
  4. Add the phone number you want to link with your NIN.
  5. A text message will be sent to you, and it will contain your digital ID authentication code, six numbers.
  6. Type in the numbers to wrap up the process.
  7. After that, repeat this process for as many numbers as you wish to link with your NIN.

More Information About The NIMC App?

Some Nigerians had raised several concerns about the NIMC mobile application weeks back, and the application even had to be removed from the different app stores to resolve its issues. After resolution of the problems, the government returned with an upgrade which preceded its formal release.

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Subsequently, in 2020, December 31 to be precise, NIMC disclosed that the application has been upgraded, and it is now home to a module for linking mobile numbers with NIN. The only confusion this far is that the app says Nigerians are allowed to link up to seven devices with Nigerian-registered SIMs to one NIN, however, this directly goes against the initial directive by NCC which restricts a subscriber from owning more than 3 phone numbers.


As regards security, the application has claimed to be unsusceptible to cloning or details leak, and all user’s NIN will be protected via an alpha-numeric user ID displayed on the dashboard. All in all, as some Nigerians still struggle to obey the command of the government, it remains to be seen how soon the ministry of communication can achieve a centralised database system for everyone in Nigeria.

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Link SIM Cards NIN NIMC Mobile App
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That is that.

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