How to know how much RAM the Android apps consume

How to know which apps consume more Ram on Android: For one reason or another, sometimes a single application can slow down a smartphone that doesn’t have much RAM. You know there is a way to know how much RAM the Android apps consume. In this article, we intend to offer two solutions, a native one that we find pre-installed in our operating system and the other one is an application, which will let you know which apps consume more Ram on Android.

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How to know how much RAM the Android apps consume

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The System Monitor application has an interface that is not very welcoming but gives you a complete view of the applications and processes running on your device. The application has a team of widgets, the first is a general tab that presents the use of the processor, internal memory or RAM, in addition to the percentage of the battery in real time.

To let you know all this information in a single widget, the developer has divided the main widget into four parts, including one dedicated to RAM consumption.

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If Android 6.0 or higher is installed on the device, a memory usage menu is available. To access it, you must first enable the options for developers.

Once this step is complete, click Developer Options> Memory. This sector has a control center where the memory status is presented in the form of four information: performance, total memory, average usage (%) and available memory, which you can choose to display on an approximation of 3 hours, 6 hours, 12 hours and even 1 day.

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By clicking on the “Memory used by applications” menu, you will get detailed information about the RAM for each application and the processes running on the device.

A significant advantage to unmask applications that consume a lot of RAM or consume a lot of battery power. However, this menu has no dedicated widgets in particular.

How to increase the internal memory of your Android smartphone

You know that you can increase the internal memory of your Android smartphone. To do this, however, you need your phone to have a slot for external memory, a microSD card (the better the SD card class, the better the performance), download and install a partition manager, such as MiniTool Partition and finally install the Link2SD app on your Android. Read the article below.

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How to consume less RAM

Unless you have a high-end smartphone with top-of-the-range features, you are not immune to the slowdown of your Android smartphone. For those who do not have a war machine, because they have little RAM, know that it is still possible to speed up your Android smartphone, how? Optimizing the RAM memory.

How to optimize the RAM to increase the speed of your smartphone? Read this article and you will find all the answers to your whys. Do our smartphones only have 512 or 1 GB of RAM? Is it possible to increase the RAM on our smartphones? We will see together the solutions to improve your RAM problems, with or without root access. Read the following article.

So tell me, was this tips useful in any way? Were you able to make your Android smartphone more fluid?

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