How to Keep Your Apple Laptop from Overheating

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The truth is, Apple laptops are sweet, they command this respect, in fact not only laptops, any Apple devices command respect. Even though Apple laptops seem to be very perfect, it also has its own side. Sometime they overheat and this is dangerous.

In this article, you will get the magic to help you stop your laptop from overheating. Well, the problem of overheating in laptops has been around for a long time. The reason is simple. Laptop providers are making sure that they try to make their laptop easy and less heavy to carry about. And due to this, the laptop starts to overheat.

In order to accomplish their goal, they must make the parts, such as the hard drive, the motherboard etc. very small. Another thing is that they also have to position all these parts closer to each other. The motherboard, microprocessor, and hard drive all emit heat.

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The nearer they are to each other, the more intense the heat is. The fans that are made in the laptops to lower the intensity of these components down cannot work well in such tense quarters. Not forgetting that it is also very hard for the heat to break out, and then you have overheating laptops. When a laptop overheats it’s possible to fail, hook, or even stop working at some point.

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Here are some steps you should know that will assist you to stop your apple laptop from overheating.

  • There is one very mistake people normally make which is very bad. I have seen when people put flat hug books at the bottom of their laptop. This book has ultimately blocked the passage of heat out of the laptop. Don’t ever put your laptop on anything like a book, cushion, or anything when it is switched on or when you are working. The soft material could block the passage of airflow vents, especially the back vents, which could make the laptop to overheat.


  • Don’t ever put anything over your keyboard when the laptop is working in the closed-lid mode. This little act can make the computer to continually turn off and on. This could create extensive heat and could also drain your battery life or even damage your laptop quickly.
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  • Well, there are times when we are working and are overstressed, we just leave the laptop on and go back to sleep. Just as man needs rest, the machine needs rest too for them to regain their full strength. Always ensure that you shut down your laptop overnight to let it cool off. If you use it erratically during the day, ensure it go into standby mode when not in use. This will save power and lessen heat output from the device components.


  • Ensure that your laptop is always switched off completely when it’s in your bag. Do not just press the power button, switch it off completely
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  • Sometimes dust must have blocked the passage of air in your laptop, so do well to clean the air vents. Dust accrues on the vents, which will obstruct them and stop them from working proficiently.
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