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The year is still very fresh, so this could be the right time to work towards ending 2021 on a good note with amazing investment decisions. Everyone wants to be a millionaire and billionaire these days, but only a few people are actually working towards it. To help you take that big step to join the big league, we’ll expatiate on how American companies’ investment can change your life for good.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with investing in Nigerian stock. Still, it’ll be a wise move if you take things up a notch and learn how to start investing in US companies like Apple, Google, Amazon, Tesla, Verizon, e.t.c. The truth is that investing in productive economies will end up being more valuable to Nigerians, and you know what that means for your bank account. See How To Invest In Google, Apple, And Amazon In Nigeria (2021):

How Can I Invest In Google, Apple, And Amazon (2021) In Nigeria?

If you are not aware, with the brilliant Bamboo application, you can easily buy shares of companies like Google, Apple, Amazon, e.t.c wherever you are. Bamboo curates top stocks, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and American depositary receipts (ADRs) in the United States, making things simpler for its users.

Invest Google Apple Nigeria
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In fact, Bamboo is home to a tab that reveals the most-owned stocks in the Bamboo community, and this will definitely help newbie investors who are searching for the right stock. If you are a sector-specific investor, you’ll see stocks under different categories like technology, finance, entertainment, transportation, retail e.t.c.

Bamboo is a Nigerian tech startup that was founded 2 years ago and is backed by Chrysalis Capital, an investment management firm in Nigeria that concentrates on seed and series stage tech startups. For those that do not know, part of Bamboo’s finance technology is supported by Flutterwave, and its co-founder, Iyin Aboyeji, is even listed as a Bamboo equity investor. To use the app for your investment property, see how to register below:

Invest Google Apple Nigeria
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How Do I Use Bamboo To Invest In Google, Apple, And Amazon In Nigeria?

  1. Before anything else, download the app here for your Android phone and here for your iPhone.
  2. Set up your account and be ready to provide your BVN details because it’ll be needed.
  3. Ensure your profile and profession are filled, and then set your goal.
  4. The application comes with an uncomplicated UI, and you’ll even be able to view the top stocks traded in the market. Funding your account is very simple from the application as well.

That is that.

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