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How To Hide Or Change Location On Snapchat [Guide]

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There may be several reasons why you may need to hide or change your location on Snapchat, but whatever your reason, in this guide we will see the method to do so. To date, there are many applications and websites that make use of geolocation for a better user experience and to be able to obtain more accurate features and services. In order to do this, however, both apps and websites need a GPS system to be able to accurately understand the position in which the device is located and consequently also the user who is using it. Like so many other social media apps, the Snapchat app also makes use of GPS geolocation, in this way it is able to offer its users functionalities that depend on the position in which the user of the device is located.

Through the GPS position, Snapchat is able to offer for example different badges and filters that may vary depending on where you are and this is not always pleasant for those who use the application, as sometimes the user could find themselves with fewer filters due to where it is at that moment, that’s why many users wonder how to hide or change location on Snapchat, so you can add features that normally shouldn’t be there.

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Snapchat’s location access was introduced in 2017, and Snap Map features can be accessed through it. Not aware of this Snapchat feature? If you are interested in discovering it, you can enable the Snap Map function from the application to be able to access a list of different filters and badges based on your location. By continuing to read this guide you will find out how to hide or change location on Snapchat and by doing so you will be able to trick your friends with a fake location shown by the app and easily access new filters to use.

After enabling Snapchat’s Snap Map feature, the user will be able to see the location of their friends on the map, but at the same time, they will also share their location with their friends.

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Even the Bitmoji will be updated dynamically based on where you are. After closing the application, the Bitmoji will not be changed and will be displayed the same based on the last known position. But more in detail, why

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hide or change the location on Snapchat filters apart? There may be several reasons why you may need to hide or change your location on Snapchat and the most common reasons have been listed below:

  • You may have seen some of your favorite celebrities on Snapchat, making use of filters other than the ones you are used to seeing, and you have also wanted to use them on your smartphone. However, that filter is not available for your geographic location, but by being able to fake your location, you can easily get the filters you want so much.
  • You want to show the tricks to be able to fake Snapchat location to your friends
  • If you want to prank your friends, you can change your location by having yourself located as if you were in a foreign country or you could create fake expensive hotel check-ins
  • If you want to surprise your friends or family by showing the location you have previously been in during a trip (made up)
  • You want to hide your location from your partner or parents so you can do what you want without being disturbed or asked uncomfortable questions

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But let’s see how to hide or change location on Snapchat with the methods below:

How to hide or change location on Snapchat: enable Ghost Mode


Here are some simple steps you can perform on the Snapchat application itself to hide your location:

  • Log into the Snapchat application and go to the section that refers to your profile
  • With a touch of your finger, press on the Settings item that you can view in the upper right corner to access it
  • Now that you are in the Settings, look for the “View my location” option and access it with a tap
  • Activate Ghost Mode. You will be shown a new screen from which you can view three different options:
    • 3 hours: to have Ghost Mode enabled for a 3 hour period only
    • 24 hours: Ghost Mode will be enabled for the whole day
    • Until deactivated: Ghost Mode will be enabled as long as you want and can be deactivated with manual intervention by the user
  • Select one of the three options provided by Ghost Mode and your location will be hidden until Ghost Mode is enabled and no one will be able to know your current location on Snap Map

How to Hide or Change Location on Snapchat: Change your current location

This method requires the use of a third-party application to be able to fake your location on Snapchat. There are many free apps that can be downloaded from the Play Store and that allow you to change your current location, but in this guide, we will use the Fake GPS app. Follow the instructions below and it will really be a breeze to change your current Snapchat location:

  • Go to the Google Play Store and search for the Fake GPS Free application
  • Download and install the app on your smartphone
  • Open Fake GPS Free and provide all necessary permissions. You will also be prompted to activate Developer Options on your Android device if you haven’t already done so. To enable the Developer options, go to the settings of the smartphone> About phone> Search Build Number. Now press repeatedly 7 times with your finger on the item Build number and a message will appear on the screen to confirm that you have activated the Developer Options on the device
  • Now log back into the Fake GPS app and you will be prompted via a full-screen message to allow fake location from Developer Options. Press on the Developer Options item that you find in the message and you will be sent back directly to the screen of the same name
  • From Developer Options select Fake GPS
  • Once you have completed the steps above, open the Fake GPS app and go to the search bar
  • Enter now the desired position and touches the circular button coloring blue that you find at the bottom right of the screen
  • Snapchat will show your friends the location you have set on Fake GPS

We have seen how to hide or change location on Snapchat with the methods seen above. Doing so is very simple and if you don’t want to be found by anyone or if you want to fake your current geographical position, just follow the methods described above. See you in the next guide.

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