Fake Whatsapp Account
Fake Whatsapp Account

How to hack WhatsApp without a QR code. Our guide on how to hack WhatsApp without a QR code offers you two methods, one is free but risky, the other is not free but safer for users. How to hack WhatsApp without a QR code is the question many of us ask when we want to gain access to someone’s account without them knowing.

How to hack WhatsApp with access to the owner’s phone

In 2015, the web version of WhatsApp was launched on PC and Mac. While this brings greater convenience, the developers have accidentally introduced a potential risk that many can hack if they know how. However, this method requires the passcode, to know how to hack WhatsApp without QR code, skip this and go to the next section instead.

Here is what you should do if you want to exploit this vulnerability:

Step 1: If you can find the phone of the person whose account you want to hack, that’s great, things are a lot easier. All you need to do is scan the QR code to access WhatsApp on the web.

Step 2: Once logged in, as long as your phone is in the same apartment or room, you can easily view your messages on WhatsApp.

When the phone is in the room, keep it on and minimize the PC screen to reduce the risk of someone seeing you. This sounds easy at first but it doesn’t mean there’s no risk involved. Here’s something you need to be aware of:

  • You need the phone nearby to access messages, without it, the connection will be disconnected.
  • WhatsApp has introduced a feature that alerts the account user of any access from another device, so it’s best to be sure what you’re doing.

This method works if you have all the ideal conditions. The victim is unaware that their phone is no longer connected to any device with an internet connection to receive notification of your login.

In case neither of these two conditions are met, read on to know how to hack WhatsApp without QR code.

How to hack WhatsApp without QR code

Picking up someone’s phone is not easy as laptops are now an extension of many people’s lives. No phone, no code and that brings us to the next guide on how to hack WhatsApp.

There are many spy apps on the market and it can be overwhelming at first for someone who has never done anything like this before. While most of them will charge you for the service, as long as you get what they promise, spending the money is worth it.

To save some time digging and reading reviews, here are the two best spying apps:

How to hack WhatsApp without QR code with third-party apps


NEXSPY is basically a parental control app for Android, but it appears on our guide on how to hack WhatsApp without QR code for a reason. It allows us to monitor all WhatsApp calls and messages, even if we are not near the phone of the person we want to spy on.

The two most wonderful features of the app are, first of all, it is compatible with Android and, secondly, it allows us to see everything remotely. However, to use the app, you still need to have access to the phone at least once and install the app there on that phone.

The next candidate in our guide on how to hack WhatsApp without QR code offers even more features and is compatible with multiple operating systems.


The next app recommended on our guide on how to hack WhatsApp is Spyzie. The app gives you access to a wide range of messaging platforms, including WhatsApp. The app is compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows.

What you can get using the app is the log of all calls, messages, browsing history, everything the phone sends and receives.

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