How To Get A Free Tinted Glass Permit In Nigeria


The reality is that vehicles with tinted glasses are currently the go-to automobiles for perpetrating crimes in Nigeria. Crime is super easy simply because victims on the outside never get to see whatever is happening in the car, so they eventually get caught by surprise.

Due to this sad reality, the government has since been doing all it takes to curb the excesses of tinted cars from time to time. However, if you are not aware, the agency currently overseeing the regulation of the use of these tinted cars is the Nigeria Police Force, and all owners of these kinds of cars have to get a tinted permit from them before hitting the road.

If you fail to get this legal permit, you can expect your vehicle to be pulled over regularly whenever you are sighted on the road. To save you from this stress and embarrassment, this tutorial will break down the simplest ways to obtain a permit in the country as soon as possible. See How To Get A Free Tinted Glass Permit In Nigeria:

Get Free Tinted Glass Permit Nigeria
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What Is Tinted Glass Permit?

A tinted glass permit is an official license given to a tinted car owner by the Nigerian Police Force, which allows the owner of the vehicle to use the vehicle legally in Nigeria. Therefore, failure to apply for the permit means you will be doing something illegal, and the punishment is usually severe.

How Can I Obtain A Tinted Permit In Nigeria?

  1. Get the application form filled here to obtain an Application ID.
  2. Wrap up the application process by logging in with the email provided, and the Application ID will be visible to you.
  3. Fill up the Bio-Data form when logged in and enter the details of the car you need to obtain a Tinted Permit for.
  4. Carry the print-out to any police command, capture your biometrics and collect your tinted permit certificate.
  5. For more information, contact via this email address, [email protected]
Get Free Tinted Glass Permit Nigeria
Photo credit: awajis.com

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How Much Do I Have To Pay To Obtain A Tinted Permit In Nigeria?

The truth is that you are not obligated to pay for the issuance of a tinted permit in Nigeria; however, knowing our system and how things work here, you might have to pay about 20k – 30k if you want things to be done on time.

Sadly, everything is politicized in our dear country, including this, so if you have the cash to spare, pay the money and save yourself the delay; else, keep your money and wait for when your permit is ready, no matter how long.

That is that.

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