How To Fix Wireless Charging Pausing On Samsung Smartphones [Guide]


Today we will see with this guide how to fix wireless charging that pauses on Samsung smartphones. A very useful function, appreciated and increasingly sought after by users who are in possession of smartphone devices, is the wireless charging of its battery. With wireless charging, it will no longer be necessary to connect any cable to the phone to recharge the battery, but simply place the device on the charging base and wait for the charging process to start.

Among the Android devices that make use of wireless charging technology, we have some Samsung phones, such as the Galaxy Note, but the problem is that sometimes wireless charging pauses by itself after a short charging period that lasts about 10 – 15 seconds. When this happens, a message is shown on the phone screen to alert the user that wireless charging is paused. There can be several reasons why the message appears on the phone screen that warns the user that wireless charging is paused, it could be for example a faulty charger, some apps that conflict, the system cache could create some problems why damaged, and more. Whatever the reason the pause message appears on the phone screen, I recommend that you continue reading this guide to access several solutions that will help you to fix

wireless charging pausing on Samsung smartphones.

If you are having problems with wireless charging pausing in your Samsung Galaxy smartphone and now you are looking for the right solution to solve this problem, do not waste time and start reading what are the methods you can immediately try to solve:

How to fix wireless charging pausing on Samsung smartphones- restart your device

One of the solutions that I recommend you try right away is to restart your Samsung Galaxy. Once it is turned on again, try to see if wireless charging works or if it pauses again after a short period of use. If you still encounter the malfunction, move on to the next solution.


How to fix wireless charging pausing on Samsung smartphones- activate the fast charging option

Sometimes the problem of wireless charging pausing could be caused by the fact that you forgot to activate the fast charging feature on your Samsung Galaxy device. Even the fact that the fast charging option has not been enabled may limit some features affecting wireless charging. To enable a fast charging feature, here are the steps to follow:


  • Access the notification panel and tap the Settings icon to access the menu
  • You will then be shown a list that you will have to scroll to Advanced Features, then press on it with your finger to access
  • Search now from the new screen for Accessories and access it with a touch
  • You should now see the Quick Charge option. If it is disabled, proceed with its activation
  • Once this is done, see if wireless charging is now working or if you still see the pause message on your phone screen after a short period of use

How to fix wireless charging pausing on Samsung smartphones- proceed to update all applications

Go to the Google Play Store. If you haven’t updated the apps you have installed on your smartphone in a while, it is possible that a third-party app is interfering with the wireless charging operation of the device. To prevent these conflicts from preventing the phone from being able to be recharged via wireless charging, the thing you can try to do is see if you can update all the apps to their latest version in the Google Play Store. To be able to update the Play Store applications, here are the steps to follow:

  • Press the icon that allows you to access the Menu and that you find at the top left of the screen
  • Once you have accessed the menu items, tap on My apps and games and then tap on the Updates section
  • If there are any applications in the update list, press Update All and wait for all application updates to be completed to their latest available version
  • Now that you have updated all the applications that needed an update, check if wireless charging still pauses when using it with your Samsung Galaxy phone

How to fix wireless charging pausing on Samsung smartphones- update the Galaxy Apps

From the app drawer, access the Galaxy Apps with a tap. All Android smartphones come with pre-installed applications, but if these applications are not updated to their latest version, conflicts may arise which could lead to the malfunction of some functions, in this case of wireless charging. You should therefore make sure that there are new updates regarding the applications of the Galaxy Apps and that if available the respective downloads are downloaded, only in this way you will remove the doubt that the wireless charging does not go into pause due to a conflict due to the Galaxy applications Apps that have not been updated. Here’s how to go about updating apps from the Galaxy Apps:

  • Then click on the icon at the top left of the screen
  • From the list, you have to touch the my app menu and then click on Updates
  • If you notice that new application updates are available, tap Update All, then wait for the download to finish
  • See if wireless charging is still paused on your Samsung smartphone now

How to fix wireless charging pausing on Samsung smartphones- check for new operating system updates

Enter the Drawer app on your phone and access the Settings list. Make sure that the Android operating system you are using is updated to its latest version released for your smartphone. If the operating system is not updated, you could run into bugs and other significant problems. Hence, it is essential to always update the software to correct any possible problems you may encounter with the device, such as the fact that wireless charging pauses on the smartphone.

  • Look for Software Update now and access it with a tap
  • Now click on Check for updates and wait for it to show you whether or not there are new updates regarding the operating system
  • If you notice that a new software update is available for your device, click on Download updates manually
  • Wait for the software to update, then once finished, tap Yes to start the installation
  • Once the device has restarted, see if wireless charging has resumed with no pauses in between

How to fix wireless charging pausing on Samsung smartphones- clear cache

First, turn off your smartphone if the above solutions do not bring the desired results and the wireless charging continues to pause during its use, the cause of this could be a conflict between cache files or the fact that it is damaged. If the cache of the device is corrupted, problems could arise that have to do with the essential functions of the phone. To solve this problem, I recommend that you clear the cache of your Samsung Galaxy. You can clear the cache from Recovery mode and here are all the steps to follow:

  • After turning off the device, press and hold the Home + Volume Up + Power button together
  • Release the power button when the Samsung Logo appears on the screen
  • Wait to be launched the Recovery mode (sometimes this may take a few minutes)
  • Once you have accessed the Recovery mode, use the Volume Down button to highlight the Wipe Cache Partition entry
  • Then press the power button to confirm the operation and wait for the process to finish
  • Now highlight the item Reboot system now using the volume down key and press the power button to confirm the operation
  • Once your device has restarted, try to see if wireless charging is now working without pauses

How to fix wireless charging pausing on Samsung smartphones- make sure the charger is not faulty

One of the reasons why many times the wireless charger pauses charging is because it is faulty or not perfectly compatible with your smartphone model that you are using the wireless charging base with. In this case, it will not be possible to proceed with recharging the battery or the pause message will appear randomly on the phone display. Then check that there is no default setting to make the best use of the charger, if not, check that the charger is connected correctly. If you are using a non-Samsung wireless charging device, make sure it is perfectly compatible with your device. If you think it is better to replace the wireless charging base.

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