How To Fix WiFi Issues On Your OnePlus 6?


Any device can battle a series of hardware or software related problems and OnePlus Pro is not excluded.

One if its most common complaints is that the WiFi does not function as it should.

This should not bother you too much because even though it can be caused by various factors, it can also be rectified easily.


End the problem today as I go into details on How To Fix WiFi Issues On Your OnePlus 6:

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1. Check The Internet

Before anything else, the issue might be with your smartphone. Confirm if other devices like your PC have no issues with the WiFi. If they do not, simply turn off the modem and turn it on again. If this did not give you the solution you want, then it could be your router, if you own one.

2. Reset Your Router

Your router can malfunction sometimes even when your WiFi is okay. In a situation like this, simply unplug it and ensure its power is switched off. Let it remain that way for a few minutes, then switch it on again and plug the network cable back in. If this did not fix you want for your WiFi issue, your smartphone is the reason for your pain.


3. Confirm If The WiFi Of Your Phone Is Enabled

Have you confirmed if your WiFi is turned on? If that has not been done, enable it and hold on for a minute to confirm if it is connected to any network. If you intend to use a trusted and safe network, confirm the password as well.

In several cases, the OnePlus itself rectifies all bugs and issues, so you might need to confirm if you failed to update something that can end your troubles. To get that done, head to your device’s settings and click “About Phone.” As soon as you are there, click “check for updates.” If there is no update, let’s try something different.


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Head back to your device’s settings and choose “WiFi.” Choose the network you are presently connected to and select “Forget Network.” As soon as it disconnects, try to connect again. In cases like this, you will be asked to enter your password one more time.

Finally, you can head back to settings and select “System” and then “Reset.” After that, select “Network Settings Reset” and click “Reset Settings.” When that is done, your WiFi should start functioning as it should.