PS4 Won’t Turn On – Tips to Troubleshoot & Restore Power


It is amazing sometimes when you suddenly discover that you can’t get back to your game as soon as you can because the PS4 you made use of some hours previously has refused to turn back on.

This may happen from time to time even when your console is fairly new. Because this is a gadget, no one can predict how it operates all the time. Read on to find out possible causes why your PS4 won’t turn on when you need to play a game. Are there tips and tricks you can learn to get back up and running? Yes, and we will take a look at some of these options.

Your PS4 Won’t Turn On – What Do You Notice?


It is possible that there could be signs of life in the console when it fails to turn on. Did you notice or hear a beep, did you see a light somewhere? In the absence of those, there may be no sign at all that anything is operating inside the PS4.

A number of issues could be causing the problem but there are some steps you can take before you think of taking it to a repairer. These steps can be regarded as troubleshooting steps that can be followed so that the console can turn on and you can resume your gaming spree.

Possible Reasons Why PS4 Won’t Turn On

The reason why your PS4 is not turning on could be due to hardware, software, corrupt software, or firmware. The problem sometimes could just be due to power issues.

Hardware Issues – These could be due to bad power supplies. The electricity current could be too high or too low. Another angle to this is that there could be broken power buttons. In the case of the broken power buttons, this issue is left for professionals to fix. Why? Because most of us, even if we have the tools with which we can open the device can’t successfully fix hardware issues.

Software Issues – in the case of software issues, things are much easier for the user to fix. Power issues can be resolved when the gadget is plugged to adequate power. If the power issue is not of this type, you can do a few other checks.

In the case of software issues, it may have to do with incomplete system updates, corrupt files, or a bad hard drive. These issues can prevent your PS4 from turning on. The good news is that these are easy to fix or troubleshoot. That can be done through the safe mode that is available for performing several fixes.

Ps4 1

How to Solve Power Issues

Try to check the following before you conclude that you must take your PS4 to a repairer:

  • Check if the power cable is okay. Look for wire cuts or bruises.
  • Check the power strip.
  • Check the surge protector.
  • Check the power outlet.

The thing is that you can’t rule out these causes. They are the first things you should check when your PS4 refuses to turn on.

Let’s now examine other steps you can try if the console won’t turn on. Try to perform them in the order they appear below.

Step 1. Unplug the power cable

Unplug the power cable from the PS4 and wait for about 30 seconds. After that, plug it back in the socket. Now, try to turn it back on. If it works, hurray! You’re done. If not, move on to the next step.


Step 2. Do power cycle

This means that you will hold the power button down for some 30 or more seconds, though the PS4 is already off. After the light stops flashing, or for best results, wait for 30 seconds or more before you release your finger. After that, let the console sit for about 20 minutes, still switched off.

Press and hold the power button again while it is still unplugged. Make sure you do that for some 30 seconds, then release and plug the console to electricity, and turn it on again.

Step 3. Try another power cable

You really can’t tell if this will work, but in some cases, it does. If you have a cable for Xbox One S, you may use that to try and see if the PS4 will turn on.

Step 4. Try another power strip or outlet

Remember, you’re trying to isolate what the problem is. This step is also vital. You may also plug other devices into the power outlet you currently plug the PS4 into. You can also plug the console into another power outlet.

Step 5. Blow the dust out of the PS4

Blow the dust out of the PS4 through the vent holes. The best way to go about this is doing it with canned air. If it is really serious, you may still have to unscrew and open the box to give it a good cleaning. If you open it yourself, it may void the warranty if it is still within the applicable period.

Ps4 Console
Ps4 Console

Step 6. Insert a game disc

If your PS4 automatically pulls in the disc, and then it powers on, you should know that things aren’t that bad. You may be able to make use of the console normally. If the PS4 doesn’t pull in the disc it means the problem could be attributed to the hard drive or system files. That can be fixed in safe mode.

Step 6. Start the PS4 in safe mode

To do this, press and hold the power button until the console beeps twice. After that, connect a controller via USB and press the PS button. Once you’re in the safe mode, update your system software, or perform a factory reset.

Step 7. Check if insects have invaded your PS4

They could be interfering with a lot of things inside there. Once you open the PS4 and clean it, the console may turn on again without any troubles.


Other Things to Note

If you try the steps that urge you to take the console apart for cleaning, be very careful that your actions don’t affect other aspects, such as the power button not being able to have contact on the circuit board.

Also, ensure that nothing is broken as you try to put the console together again. If you snap of that part that pushes the power button, that’s big trouble.


If you have tried all these steps and they didn’t work, it means you have to take the PS4 to an expert who can take a look at it and restore it for you.