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How to fix problems opening Microsoft Word

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In this guide, we will see how to solve if there are problems when we open a text file or use Microsoft Word.

The programs are kept updated constantly, to avoid security problems, data loss or malware intrusion inside them, therefore periodically or when it is deemed necessary, for programs such as Word, or the Office package, security updates or patches are released to solve the problems mentioned.

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However, it has happened over the years that some updates have even worsened the use of the Word program.

In fact, it is possible to have problems opening Word or starting it correctly due to updates that affect its performance.

Usually, when they release a new update it is checked and checked to prevent malfunction situations from happening.

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But the main function of patches is to fix security flaws and thus some problems may pop up unexpectedly. Of course, we can always use the free version of Word online, excellent in case of need, or follow the following tips to try to solve problems with Word.

How to troubleshoot Word

Word is updated automatically since the Office 2013 package was released. However, it is always possible to disable automatic updates if we enter the program settings.

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But these updates are useful for correct operation and because they can also solve the problems of previous updates.

We update Word and check if the problem is solved.

In case Word starts, we can access the main panel and enter the File tab.

Once inside we will go to: Account> Update Now.

In case you want to avoid new updates, perhaps to check them before updating to avoid errors, the option to disable automatic updates is present in the same section. We remind you that it is highly recommended to keep all software up to date for security reasons.

Once you click Update Now, it will start searching for updates and the latest one will be downloaded. We have to wait for the process to finish.

At the end of the installation, we will have the latest version of Office on our PC. And, if there was a problem with the previous one, it would have been fixed.

Update Office if Word doesn’t open

If Word can’t be opened due to an error, things change. In case other programs, like Excel or PowerPoint, open, what we can do is try to update Office from their options. But in case these other programs don’t open, the options will be reduced.

We can try to access Windows Update and search for, download, and install all the new updates for our operating system and the rest of the Office components. 

If Office still doesn’t work, we have no choice but to completely uninstall the entire Office package and reinstall it from scratch, perhaps by downloading the latest version from Microsoft’s website.

Start Word as if for the first time

Another option we have to check where the error is coming from in case it is not an update, is to start Word at the state of the first day, that is, do not start any add-in or template that could compromise the start state of Word.

To do this we will follow these steps: press Windows + R > now we write winword / a

If Word starts correctly and by any chance, you remember installing an add-in or add-on template, try uninstalling or deleting it and reopen Word from the shortcut as you normally do.

Repair the Microsoft Office package

Another option we have in case Word (or any program in the package) doesn’t open for us or even if we have a different problem, is to repair the complete Office package.

To do this we will follow the following steps. We will go to Control Panel> Programs> Uninstall a program. Once inside, we’ll look for Microsoft and the Office office suite, in which we’ll right-click> Change.

Once this is done, a new window will appear with several Quick Repair or Online Repair options.

We will choose the one that is most convenient for us, but in case of Internet connection at an acceptable speed, it is better to choose online repair as a recommendation.

Then a new window will appear with which the repair process will follow. Once finished, we will verify that the problem has been resolved satisfactorily, otherwise, we will try with the other solutions.

Restore the Word Normal.dot template

Another option we can try is to restore the  Normal.dot template, which contains the personal settings made by the user. All will be deleted including macros and scripts.

Virtually all the customizations we made to Word will be eliminated, but with this, we will solve any problem that concerns us in Word, as it will be restored as if we just installed it.

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To do this we will follow the following steps:  Windows + R then in the text field we write: cmd 

A console will open, in which we will have to write the following command:

“Ren% userprofile% AppDataRoamingMicrosoftTemplatesOldNormal.dotm Normal.dotm”

I hope some of the options worked, if not, you can always uninstall and reinstall as a last resort, but it is advisable to try resetting the application again or some of the above-mentioned solutions as it covers most of the common problems.

Uninstall Office and reinstall it

If none of the above was successful, there is only one option left: uninstall Office. If we are using Windows 10, what we have to do is open the Operating system configuration menu (Windows + I), go to the Applications> Applications and features section, locate it in the Office list (we can use the search engine), and uninstall completely the program.

Once Office is completely uninstalled from our computer, we can reinstall it, taking the opportunity to install the latest version (for example, 2019).

 And if we are subscribed to Office 365 we can take the opportunity to install the UWP applications of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint from the Microsoft Store, much more optimized and isolated applications that give fewer problems.

Run the antivirus to check if there is any malware damaging Word

After following all the steps we have shown you so far, the problem with Microsoft Word may not be solved yet. This is why we should consider the fact that all of this is due to some agent outside the text editor itself.

Some of the unexpected Windows problems can be caused by malware or viruses. The latter can enter the PC without us noticing. Therefore, they could damage or impair the operation of various functions of the system itself.

Therefore, if necessary, it is best to perform a thorough scan of the PC with the security tool we have installed.

Of all the types of analysis we find here, we recommend that you use the deeper solution, which is to perform a Comprehensive Exam. So we make sure we have a clean team, or not.

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