How To Fix OpenDNS Phishing Threat In 2021


Do you own a website? Is Google blocking your site as having a phishing threat, and you badly need a fast solution to this terrible phishing problem? Well, this tutorial can definitely help. For those who own sites, knowing that you or your visitors can’t have access to your online platform due to the popular phishing threat warning can be very annoying.

Google Chrome even worsens the problem by showing the “this site that you are visiting is not secured” warning, alongside an advanced option to proceed to the website at your own risk, even when you have an active SSL certificate installed on your platform. In the end, tapping the advanced option to proceed will only redirect you to the OpenDNS Page.


Once this happens, you’ll start wondering what you did wrong, especially when you recently launched the site and you’re still a newbie. Sadly, domain name providers are not always of much help too, but not to worry, because this write up will surely end your phishing problems. See How To Fix OpenDNS Phishing Threat In 2021:

Fix OpenDNS Phishing Threat
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What Is A Phishing Threat?

It is simply a fraudulent attempt to obtain sensitive information like usernames, passwords, credit card details e.t.c, by disguising as a reliable entity in an electronic communication. Regularly carried out by email spoofing or instant messaging, it mostly directs users to type in personal information at a fake website that looks like the real one.


Why Is My Site Flagged As A Phishing Site?

The first thing to be suspicious about is hacking. Hackers can actually target your site and have phishing codes installed on some of your domain which you may not have known about. Therefore if you have any part of your website that needs some personal info from your readers or subscribers, ensure the SSL certificate is installed on your website. The SSL certificate offers your website an added layer of security against identity and information theft.

How To Fix This Site Is Blocked Due To A Phishing Threat OpenDNS

  1. Reach out to OpenDNS support through this link. The site will appear like this one below.
  2. Type in your email address in the right box.
  3. In the subject area, enter “Phishing threat warning.”
  4. Your Description should be something like this: “Hello, I am ************, I bought a new domain name on ******************* from (your domain provider) and hosted it on (enter your hosting company) from where I activated my SSL certificate. My issue is that Google always flags my site https://***********.com …”

“I have contacted both My Domain name providers and hosting company and they both said that they cannot help me, hence referring me to you people.”

“Please note that the phishing problem doesn’t always come up, as my site opens well at times. Please, any assistance from you will be greatly appreciated.”


Fix OpenDNS Phishing Threat
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Be aware that the write-up is only a quick guide, you are allowed to alter anything you feel should be changed. After that, click “Send.” and hold on for an automated mail from OpenDNS, which will inform you that your information has been received. Wait for resolution after that.

That is that.


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