How to fix if Gmail closes by itself on Android


Some users have trouble using Gmail on their Android phones because it closes without any explanation or warning.

The error doesn’t seem to affect all Android mobiles as massively as the Gboard error a few years ago, but it seems to affect other apps on all types of mobiles as well. Fortunately, there seems to be a simple workaround to get the app working again.

Apparently, a bug in one of the Android components used by many applications is causing many apps to close on their own or make them run erratically. The exact causes have not yet come to light, but everything seems to indicate that the problem is Android System Webview.


Android System Webview acts as a link between the browser and applications, allowing an app to view content from the Internet without re-implementing all browser logic.

How to do if Gmail closes by itself

Several users and even Samsung technical support recommend uninstalling the Android WebView updates and restarting the mobile phone to solve this problem. After doing this, Gmail and the applications affected by this error should work again.

To uninstall WebView updates from your Android system, you need to follow a few simple steps. 

The first is to go to the Android settings and tap on Applications. The process may vary from one Android model to another, although generally, you need to use the ⋮ menu to choose Show System Applications and bring up a list of applications.

By tapping on the Gmail application, the page with its information will be displayed, including its version and buttons to stop or disable it (which, at times, is not available). Press the ⋮ menu button and choose Uninstall updates.


This will uninstall all Android System WebView updates, including the latest one causing all the problems. You will revert to the pre-installed Android System WebView version with the latest firmware for your mobile phone, and everything should work as before.

Google reported that they have already fixed the bug in the latest WebView and Google Chrome system update, so another way to fix it is to go to Google Play and install updates for both WebView and Google Chrome.


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